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Biden Makes Appeals To Donors As Concerns Persist Over His Presidential Debate Performance

President Joe Biden looked to recapture his mojo and reassured donors at a Saturday fundraiser that he is fully up to the challenge of beating Donald Trump. “I didn’t have a great night, but I’m going to be fighting harder,” Biden told attendees at the home of New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy. “Donald Trump is a genuine threat to the nation,” he emphasized, saying that his predecessor would undermine democracy if returned to the White House and his economic ideas would worsen inflation. The 81-year-old’s troubling performance at the first presidential debate Thursday rattled many Democrats, who see Trump as a continuing danger after the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection. Biden’s meandering answers and struggles to respond to Trump prompted The New York Times editorial board to declare Friday that he should exit the race and that staying in would be a “reckless gamble.” A White House official said Saturday that Biden had preplanned time at Camp David on Sunday and Monday for a family photo, disputing the premise of an NBC News report suggesting that Biden would be discussing the future of his reelection campaign with his family. The official insisted on anonymity to discuss Biden family matters. Biden was seen talking by phone with Jon Meacham, the historian, on his way Saturday night to Camp David. Biden and his wife, Jill, earlier attended an afternoon campaign event in East Hampton, New York, the Long Island beach town where the real estate firm Zillow prices the median home at $1.9 million. Based on public records, the event that was closed to the news media was at the home of Avram Glazer, an owner of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers football team. The couple then went to a second event in East Hampton at the home of investor Barry Rosenstein, whose wife, Lizanne, said the president was “a role model for what it is to get knocked down over and over and over again and get up.” “We can waste time comparing debate nights,” she continued. “But you know what? It’s more meaningful to compare presidencies.” Addressing the gathering, Biden tore into Trump over his presidential record including his treatment of veterans and pointed to Trump’s own poor performance on Thursday night. Biden contended that the polling he’s seen shows that Democrats moved up after the debate, saying of Trump: “The big takeaway was his lies.” In the aftermath of that debate, Biden flashed more vigor in speeches in North Carolina and New York on Friday, saying he believes with “all my heart and soul” that he can do the job of the presidency. The Biden campaign said it has raised more than $27 million on Thursday and Friday, including $3 million at a New York City fundraiser focused on the LGBTQ+ community. Jill Biden told supporters Friday that he said to her after the debate, “You know, Jill, I don’t know what happened. I didn’t feel that great.” The first lady then said she responded to him, “Look, Joe, we are not going to let 90 minutes define the four years that you’ve been president.” The Democratic president still needs to allay the fears stirred by the debate as it seeped into the public conscience with clips and memes spreading on the internet and public pressure for him to bow out […]

Terrorist Shoots Arrow At Officer At Israeli Embassy In Serbia

A terrorist shot a crossbow at a Serbian police officer guarding the Israeli embassy in Belgrade, Serbia on Shabbos. The officer opened fire, injuring the terrorist who died shortly later. The officer was evacuated to the hospital, where he underwent surgery to remove the arrow from his neck. Serbian Interior Minister Ivica Dacic said the incident was “undoubtedly a terrorist attack,” and that several people tied to the incident have been arrested. He added that the suspects are “already known to the police and security services – it is about members of the Wahhabi movement.” “He was carrying a bag with him and he took out a crossbow from the bag and shot the gendarme in the neck with the arrow,” Dacic said. “The gendarme reacted immediately, as much as he could until he fell to the ground… he took out his gun and fired several shots at the assailant. The attacker died after half an hour.” On Motzei Shabbos, Dacic said that one of the detained suspects was arrested two years ago after he was identified as the administrator of several websites that called for jihad. However, he was subsequently released from custody. “It is suspected that he directly participated in the logistical support and organization of this terrorist act,” Dacic said. Israeli Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz stated on Motzei Shabbos: “I would like to thank the Government of Serbia and all those involved in the prompt response, for their strong support and cooperation following the attempted terror act on the Embassy of Israel in Belgrade today, during which a Serbian guard was injured by the terrorist. I would also like to send my wishes for a quick recovery to the injured guard. Terrorism cannot be tolerated!” (YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

H’YD: IDF Announces Deaths Of 2 Soldiers In Northern Gaza

The IDF on Motzei Shabbos announced that two soldiers fell in battle in the Shejaiya neighborhood of Gaza City in northern Gaza on Friday. The soldiers were identified as Sgt. First Class (res.) Yakir Shmuel Tatelbaum, H’yd, 21, of Ma’ale Adumim who swerved in the 77th Battalion of the 7th Brigade; and Staff Sgt. Yair Avitan, H”yd, 20 of Ra’anana, who served in the 890th Battalion of the Paratroopers Brigade. Their deaths increase the death toll of soldiers in the war in Gaza to 318. Two other soldiers were severely wounded in battle in Shejaiya. (YWN’s Jerusalem desk is keeping you updated after tzeis ha’Shabbos in Israel)

Feds Investigating Antisemitic Violence Outside L.A. Shul During Pro-Hamas Riot

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland announced on Thursday that federal officials are investigating the appalling antisemitic violence outside the Adas Torah shul in the Pico-Roberston neighborhood of Los Angeles. The rioters tried to block the entrance of the shul and then attacked a crowd of Jews who were standing across the street. Videos of the scene showed pro-Hamas rioters punching and beating up Jews, with one left completely bloodied, and some rioters holding clubs or using sign handles to attack Jews. A Jewish teenager’s nose was broken and he was evacuated to the hospital. Many Jews pointed fingers at politicians, especially LA Mayor Karen Bass, for the lack of police action. Political consultant Noah Pollak said: “The Los Angeles Police Department let the Hamas supporters take over the sidewalk in front of the shul and block its entrance. In fact, LAPD had formed a cordon around the front of the shul to keep Jews out and Hamas supporters in. Pollak said that the mayor and the LAPD are “an absolute disgrace—it’s clear the police have been instructed to help the Democratic Party street animals do their thuggery. They were definitely not there to protect the right of Jews to enter their shul.” Jews decried the leniency shown toward the pro-Hamas rioters. “The Los Angeles Police Department does not make arrests because District Attorney George Gascón is not interested in prosecuting them,” said Natalie Ben-Shimon. “Even if an arrest is made, the suspect is released without bail and will not stand trial; at most, they will receive a light reprimand. It feels like Jewish lives don’t matter.” “I realized during the protests at UCLA how lenient they are toward pro-Palestinian protesters,” Daniel Samuel said. “For months, Jewish students were subjected to verbal and physical harassment, but no one was arrested, and they allowed the protesters to set up tents, vandalize buildings, and abuse Jews.” “These protesters are a very violent mob with no respect for the police,” Liat Meroz told Ynet. They operate under the assumption that nothing will be done to them, and indeed, even if there are arrests, they are released immediately, without any demand for bail.” “One person just boom, straight to my nose, and I fell to the floor. I got hit many times on my head and my body,” Naftoli Sherman said. (YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

TEFILLOS: HaGaon HaRav Yehuda Deri, Rav Of Be’er Sheva, Hospitalized In Critical Condition

The Rav of Be’er Sheva, HaGaon HaRav Yehuda Deri, was hospitalized overnight Thursday in the ICU in Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem. He is in critical condition after developing complications from an infection in his leg. At the advice of Gedolei Yisrael, Rafael has been added to his name. HaRav Deri, 66, is a member of the Moetzet HaRabbanut HaReishit and is one of the candidates for the position of the next Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel. He is the brother of Shas chairman Aryeh Deri. Please daven for the refuah sheleimah of HaRav Yehudah Rafael ben Esther b’toch sha’ar cholei Yisrael. (YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

CATSKILLS: Second Alarm Fire At Highland Park Bungalow Colony In Woodridge [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]

Emergency personal were on the scene of a working structure fire in Woodridge, Friday afternoon, CATSKILL SCOOP REPORTED. The fire department was on the scene at around 1:30PM, with a fire in a bungalow at “Highland Park” located at 104 Highland Avenue. It quicky went to a Second Alarm response, with numerous fire departments responding for mutual aid requests. Originally, there were reports that two children were missing, but thankfully, they were located, and were not inside the building. Catskills Hatzolah is on the scene as well. THIS STORY WAS FIRST PUBLISHED ON THE CATSKILL SCOOP STATUS – SIGN UP NOW TO NEVER MISS A STORY IN LIVE TIME 24 HOURS A DAY! CLICK HERE SIGN UP TO THE CATSKILL SCOOP WHATSAPP STATUS TO BE INFORMED OF CATSKILL NEWS IN LIVE TIME (YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

YahalomOH Launched by Agudath Israel of Ohio

Parents of children with special needs are often thrust into an unfamiliar world. An avalanche of new financial, medical, educational and emotional concerns must be tended to. Trying to navigate that new world on one’s own can be overwhelming. It’s a daunting task and lonely journey. Just three years ago, Yahalom opened its doors in New Jersey, to be met with a tremendous amount of success and positive response that spurred six other Agudah offices around the country to open their own branches of Yahalom – most recently, Agudath Israel of Ohio. Each branch of Yahalom is here to assist the parents in their community obtain the appropriate resources by guiding, educating, and empowering parents to ensure they have the help and support they need and to reassure them that they are not alone. Under the leadership of Mrs. Chana Barrett, YahalomOH will do the same. Mrs. Barrett has over a decade of experience as an occupational therapist in numerous settings and as the director of Gesher, granting her the unique perspective as a member of the Jewish community with a first-hand knowledge of the resources available for children with special needs, the agencies that provide them, and the laws governing them. “When two local parents reached out and asked for a Yahalom office, we realized that Ohio is now ready for such a resource,” said Mrs. Barrett. “I look forward to being able to serve the community in this new way.” “Agudath Israel of Ohio is proud to meet the needs of the community in every area, and we anticipate that our Yahalom will better enable us to reach this goal,” said Rabbi Yitz Frank, director of Agudath Israel of Ohio. “We are here to support the families who reach out to us and lighten their burden in any way we can.” To contact Mrs. Barrett at YahalomOH, email or call 216.455.1111 ext 1.

Hamas Leader: Gaza Is Destroyed, But That’s Part Of “March To Liberation”

In a conference held in Beirut yesterday, senior top Hamas official Khaled Mashaal emphasized the need for “national consensus” to transition smoothly into the new post-Oct. 7 reality. According to the Iranian state-owned Alam network, Mashaal stressed the importance of inclusivity in the postwar order in Gaza, stating, “We will not allow any vacuum in Gaza, and Hamas cannot be excluded in any way.” In an interview with Sky News Arabic today, Mashaal acknowledged the devastating impact of the October 7 attack on Gaza, saying, “Gaza is now destroyed. Every fair-minded person sees that this is absolutely true.” However, he framed the destruction as part of the larger struggle for liberation, calling it “the march of our people toward liberation.” (YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

FAKE NEWS: 16% Of Gaza Structures Destroyed – Not 50%, As UNRWA Claims

16% of Gaza’s infrastructure, equivalent to approximately 36,000 permanent structures, has been damaged beyond repair due to the ongoing conflict, according to Israeli data reported by Ynet. This figure is corroborated by a recent United Nations Satellite Center (UNOSAT) report, which utilized satellite imagery analysis to assess the extent of the damage. The UNOSAT report also revealed that around 36,000 buildings have been destroyed, with an additional 100,000 sustaining damage. These figures contradict a previous claim by the UN refugee agency UNRWA that over 50% of buildings had been completely destroyed. (YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

RIGGED: Google Interfering In Election; Search Results Favor Biden Over Trump

An investigation by the Media Research Center (MRC) has uncovered evidence of bias in Google’s search results, potentially impacting the visibility of presidential candidates’ campaign websites. The MRC’s research, conducted just days before Thursday’s presidential debate, revealed stark differences in how Google presents search results for various candidates. When searching for a candidate’s name along with “presidential race 2024,” researchers found that President Biden’s campaign website appeared as the top result, while former President Trump’s website was notably absent from the first page of results. The study involved two sets of search queries, focusing on individual candidates and party-specific searches. In both cases, researchers noted significant disparities in how different candidates’ websites were ranked. For party-specific searches, a search for “republican party presidential campaign websites” placed Trump’s campaign site at the 39th position out of 40 results, while a similar search for Democratic candidates prominently featured Biden’s website at the top. The importance of search result rankings cannot be overstated, as Google’s visibility can significantly influence public perception and access to campaign resources. With Google commanding a global market share of nearly 92 percent in the search engine space, the positioning of campaign websites in search results could have a substantial impact on a candidate’s online visibility and, potentially, their campaign’s reach. This is not the first time Google has faced scrutiny over its potential influence on elections, with the MRC documenting 41 instances of alleged election interference by Google since 2008. Google maintains that its search algorithms are designed to provide the most relevant and useful information to users, without political bias. However, the opacity of these algorithms and the significant impact they can have on information dissemination continue to raise questions about the responsibility and power of tech companies in democratic processes. (YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

IDF Drone Strike Kills Hezbollah Terrorist Responsible For Drone Attacks

The IDF has confirmed carrying out a drone strike in southern Lebanon’s Sohmor, resulting in the death of a Hezbollah operative. The terrorist, identified by Hezbollah as Ali al-Din, was allegedly behind recent drone attacks on northern Israel. In a statement, the IDF revealed that fighter jets also targeted buildings used by Hezbollah in Houla and Aitaroun, while troops shelled areas in southern Lebanon with artillery. The military also confirmed that two explosive-laden drones launched by Hezbollah at the Western Galilee struck areas near Rosh Hanikra, but reported no injuries. Hezbollah claimed responsibility for the attack, saying they had targeted a Navy base. (YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

H’YD: IDF Announces Death Of IDF Soldier In Southern Gaza

The IDF on Friday morning announced that a soldier was killed in southern Gaza on Thursday. He was identified as Sgt. Eyal Shynes, H’yd, 19, from Kibbutz Afik in Ramat HaGolan. He served in the 931st Battalion of the Nachal Brigade. His death increased the number of soldiers killed in the war in Gaza to 316. Hashem Yikam Damo. (YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


There is a “very aggressive panic” throughout the Democrat Party following the first presidential debate Thursday, according to panelists on CNN. Many commentators agreed that President Joe Biden’s demeanor caused “damage” for his party ahead of the election in November. Questions were again raised about the president’s health early into the night, and some progressives called for Democrats to pick a different candidate before voters head to the polls. Joy Reid on Biden’s debate performance: People texting with her were “very concerned about President Biden seeming extremely feeble, seeming extremely weak.” “This was a game changing debate in the sense that right now as we speak, there is a deep, a wide and a very aggressive panic in the Democratic Party,” said John King, chief national correspondent for CNN. “It started minutes into the debate, and it continues right now,” he continued. “It involves party strategists. It involves elected officials. It involves fundraisers. And they’re having conversations about the president’s performance, which they think was dismal, which they think will hurt other people down the party in the ticket, and they’re having conversations about what they should do about it.” CNN TRASHES JOE: “Biden answers in alot of cases were not coherent. It was deeply problematic. There was real damage done that can not be undone.” VAN JONES: “That was painful” “WIDESPREAD PANIC AMONG DEMOCRATS.” “THIS RACE IS EFFECTIVELY OVER.” CNN’s Abby Phillips said that she agreed with King’s takeaways and that the “panic” she was receiving from members in the Democratic Party “is not like anything that I have heard in this campaign so far.” CHUCK TODD: “Biden looks like the caricature that conservative media has been painting … you saw it before your eyes!” CHUCK TODD: “That’s [Biden’s] his performance after five days at Camp David!? That’s AFTER rest!?”  

Growing No. Of Nations Telling Citizens To Leave Lebanon; IDF Moving Troops To Northern Border

An increasing number of countries are advising their citizens to leave Lebanon as fear of an all-out war between Israel and Hezbollah increases. Kuwait and Canada have already advised their citizens to leave and Canada deployed military forces to the area to prepare for the possibility of an emergency evacuation. On Wednesday, Germany instructed its citizens to leave Lebanon on commercial flights “while still possible,” warning that an escalation in the situation could lead to all flights being grounded at Beirut Airport. The Netherlands, North Macedonia and Russia issued similar instructions to their citizens. A damning report by The Telegraph on Monday said that Hezbollah is storing a massive arsenal of Iranian weapons, missiles and explosives at Beirut Airport. Also, the Lebanese Al-Akhbar media outlet reported on Wednesday that Western embassies in Lebanon are searching for possible sites on the Lebanese coast they could use to potentially evacuate their citizens by sea. Meanwhile, Hebrew media reports say that the IDF has quietly deployed more troops to the northern border, including the transfer of units from Gaza. (YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

32 Peleg Protestors After Blocking Highway In Bnei Brak Over IDF Draft Gezeira [VIDEOA]

Thirty two Peleg Yerushalmi protesters were arrested by police on Tuesday for blocking Route 4 at Coca-Cola Junction in a demonstration against proposals to draft them into the military. Police used horses and officers were in riot gear when they broke up the protest. According to police reports, some protesters verbally assaulted officers, calling them “Nazis,” and lay down under police vehicles in an attempt to block their movement. The protestors were identified as members of Peleg Yerushalmi, a group that regularly protests against the enlistment of yeshiva bochurim into the military. (YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

4 People Die In Outbreak Of West Nile Fever In Central Israel, 36 Hospitalized

An outbreak of West Nile fever in central Israel has led to four deaths and a suspected fifth death that is under a Health Ministry investigation. In the past month, 48 people were diagnosed with the disease of whom 36 were hospitalized and five ventilated. All the patients are from central Israel. West Nile fever is an infection by the West Nile virus, which is spread by mosquitoes. In about 80% of infections, people have few or no symptoms but about 20% of people develop flu-like symptoms, including fever, headache, vomiting, or a rash. In less than 1% of people, mainly older people or those with health issues, the neurological system is affected and severe disease results with symptoms similar to those seen in meningitis or acute encephalitis. On Tuesday, the Environmental Protection Ministry said that it caught mosquitos infected with West Nile fever in Ramat Gan and near Ben-Gurion Airport. There is no vaccine for West Nile fever. This disease is not passed from person to person but only through mosquito bites. The Health Ministry recommended that people try to avoid exposure to mosquitoes through repellents and screens and turning on fans where people are sitting. (YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

The Supreme Court Rejects a Nationwide Opioid Settlement With Oxycontin Maker Purdue Pharma

The Supreme Court on Thursday rejected a nationwide settlement with OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma that would have shielded members of the Sackler family who own the company from civil lawsuits over the toll of opioids but also would have provided billions of dollars to combat the opioid epidemic. The decision also could affect other major bankruptcies, including the $2.4 billion bankruptcy plan for the Boy Scouts of America that has been approved by a federal judge, lawyers said. After deliberating more than six months, the justices in a 5-4 vote blocked an agreement hammered out with state and local governments and victims. The Sacklers would have contributed up to $6 billion and given up ownership of the company but retained billions more. The agreement provided that the company would emerge from bankruptcy as a different entity, with its profits used for treatment and prevention. Justice Neil Gorsuch, writing for the majority, said “nothing in present law authorizes the Sackler discharge.” Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Brett Kavanaugh, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor dissented. “Opioid victims and other future victims of mass torts will suffer greatly in the wake of today’s unfortunate and destabilizing decision,” Kavanaugh wrote. The high court had put the settlement on hold last summer, in response to objections from the Biden administration. It’s unclear what happens next, though people involved in the case said they expect talks to resume. The members of the Sackler family branches who own Purdue suggested they’ll return to negotiations. “The unfortunate reality is that the alternative is costly and chaotic legal proceedings in courtrooms across the country,” they said in a statement. “While we are confident that we would prevail in any future litigation given the profound misrepresentations about our families and the opioid crisis, we continue to believe that a swift negotiated agreement to provide billions of dollars for people and communities in need is the best way forward.” Edward Neiger, a lawyer representing more than 60,000 overdose victims, called the decision a major setback. “The Purdue plan was a victim-centered plan that would provide billions of dollars to the states to be used exclusively to abate the opioid crisis and $750 million for victims of the crisis, so that they could begin to rebuild their lives,” Neiger said in a statement. “As a result of the senseless three-year crusade by the government against the plan, thousands of people died of overdose, and today’s decision will lead to more needless overdose deaths.” An opponent of the settlement praised the outcome. Ed Bisch’s 18-year-old son Eddie, died from an overdose after taking OxyContin in Philadelphia in 2001. The older Bisch, who lives in New Jersey, has been speaking out against Purdue and Sackler family members ever since and is part of a relatively small but vocal group of victims and family members who opposed the settlement. “This is a step toward justice. It was outrageous what they were trying to get away with,” he said Thursday. “They have made a mockery of the justice system and then they tried to make a mockery of the bankruptcy system.” He said he would have accepted the deal if he thought it would have made a dent in the opioid crisis. He’s now calling on the Department of Justice to seek criminal charges against […]

WATCH LIVE AT 9:00PM: Trump Biden Presidential Debate 2024

The first general election debate of the 2024 election season is here, and it’s a historic moment no matter what happens on stage. President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are taking part in Thursday night’s debate in Atlanta. Not only is it the first-ever matchup between a sitting president and a former one, but it’s also the first debate for either candidate in this year’s election. And it’s happening so early in the general election campaign cycle that neither man will have accepted their party’s formal nomination yet. Here’s how to watch the debate: What time is the debate? The debate will start at 9 p.m. ET Thursday. It’s being moderated by CNN’s Jake Tapper and Dana Bash. What channel is the debate on? CNN is carrying the debate live on its broadcast network, as well as on CNN International, CNN en Español and CNN Max. Viewers can also view it live right here on YWN! Where is the debate? The setting for the first general election debate is CNN’s studios in Atlanta. Unlike the Republican primary debates, no audience will be present. Once a Republican stronghold, Georgia was a pivotal battleground in 2020. Both parties are preparing for another closely contested race in the state this year. Trump also faces an indictment in Georgia for his push to “find 11,780 votes” and overturn Biden’s victory based on false or unproven theories of voter fraud. Which candidates will be on stage? Two candidates — Biden and Trump — will be on stage. For a time, it seemed like they wouldn’t be meeting up at all. Biden’s campaign had proposed excluding third-party candidates, such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr., from the debates outright. Under the debate commission’s rules, Kennedy or other third-party candidates could qualify if they secured ballot access sufficient to claim 270 Electoral Votes and polled at 15% or higher in a selection of national surveys. Both CNN and ABC announced the same qualification threshold, saying candidates will need to reach at least 15% in four separate national polls of registered or likely voters that meet their standards, between March 13 and a week ahead of Thursday’s match up. Last week, CNN announced that Kennedy hadn’t met those markers. (AP)