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Kate, Princess Of Wales, Says She Has Cancer And Is Undergoing Chemotherapy

Kate, the Princess of Wales, said Friday she has cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy. The video announcement came after weeks of speculation spread on social media about her whereabouts and health since she was hospitalized in January for unspecified abdominal surgery. Kate, 42, hadn’t been seen publicly since late December until video surfaced this week […]

Judge Ordered To Probe Claims Of Juror Bias In Boston Marathon Bomber’s Case

A federal appeals court on Thursday ordered the judge who oversaw Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s trial to investigate the defense’s claims of juror bias and determine whether his death sentence should stand. A three-judge panel of the Boston-based 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals did not throw out Tsarnaev’s death sentence. Defense lawyers had […]

Alabama Woman Who Faked Kidnapping Pleads Guilty To False Reporting

An Alabama woman who claimed she was abducted after stopping her car to check on a wandering toddler pleaded guilty on Thursday to charges of giving false information to law enforcement. News outlets reported that Carlee Russell pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of false reporting to law enforcement and falsely reporting an incident. She was […]

Police Capture Escaped Prison Gang Member And Accomplice; Pair May Have Killed 2 While On Run

Police on Thursday arrested two white supremacist gang members — an Idaho prison inmate and the accomplice who helped him escape — following an attack on corrections officers at a Boise hospital, and investigators are looking into whether they killed two people while on the run. Skylar Meade, the escaped inmate, and Nicholas Umphenour, the […]

Deal With The UK Gets Australia Closer To Having A Fleet Of Nuclear-Powered Submarines

Australia is set to provide 4.6 billion Australian dollars ($3 billion) to British industry to support the construction of nuclear-powered submarines and ensure its new fleet arrives on time, the two countries said Friday. The announcement came a day after the two countries signed a defense and security pact to better meet challenges such as […]

Video: Purim in Yerushlayim Is Not Always What You Imagine

For many families in Zichron Moshe Yerushalayim, Purim is a wake-up call. This year, the families of Kupas Zichron Moshe find themselves in an even more precarious situation. The war has resulted in unprecedented inflation, causing food prices to spike considerably. Families that struggle to feed their children the basics are finding it impossible to […]

Allergy Season Arrives Early In US. Here’s How To Keep Pollen From Ruining Your Spring

Allergy season is here — and it’s earlier and stronger than expected. More than 80 million Americans deal with itchy eyes, runny nose and other symptoms of seasonal allergies, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. The level of misery people will face depends on where they live and what they’re allergic to, […]

How Freelancers Can Prepare For Changing Tax Requirements

Workers across different industries are increasingly receiving some or all of their income via apps. They include tutors, graphic designers, hair stylists, and all kinds of independent and self-employed workers, along with merchants who sell products online through Etsy, eBay, Amazon and other sites. But tax law is still catching up when it comes to […]

Congress Rushes To Approve Final Package Of Spending Bills Before Shutdown Deadline

Lawmakers are racing Friday to pass the final spending package needed for the current budget year, a long overdue action that will set funding for federal agencies and push any threats of a government shutdown to the fall. With spending set to expire for several key federal agencies at midnight Friday, the House and Senate […]

UN Security Council Considering US-Sponsored Resolution Declaring That Gaza Ceasefire Is “Imperative”

The United Nations Security Council is set to vote on a United States-sponsored resolution declaring that “an immediate and sustained cease-fire” in the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza is “imperative” to protect civilians and enable humanitarian aid to be delivered to more than 2 million Palestinians. U.S. Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield said she was optimistic that the […]

US Spying Capabilities Enabled IDF To Launch Precision Strike That Killed Hamas No. 3 Commander

A new report from NBC has revealed that Israel’s detailed intelligence picture of Hamas’ inner workings, put together with the help of United States intelligence, “most likely” enabled the IDF to assassinate Hamas’ number 3 official Marwan Issa. The report cites unnamed Israeli and US government and intelligence sources. According to the report, hard drives, […]

Top Hamas, Islamic Jihad Commanders Among 650 Arrested In Al Shifa Hospital Operation

The IDF and Shin Bet say that they have captured approximately 650 terror suspects, including several senior Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad commanders, during an the ongoing operation at Gaza City’s Shifa Hospital. The operation, which began on Monday, has resulted in the capture of at least 358 confirmed members of terror groups, according to […]

GRIFT: Despite Denials, The RNC Is Poised To Begin Helping Donald Trump Pay His Legal Bills

Donald Trump’s new joint fundraising agreement with the Republican National Committee directs donations to his campaign and a political action committee that pays the former president’s legal bills before the RNC gets a cut, according to a fundraising invitation obtained by The Associated Press. The unorthodox diversion of funds to the Save America PAC makes […]

HARROWING: Suspect Arrested After Attempted Kidnapping Of Jewish Girl In Lakewood

A suspect was arrested in Toms River in the wee hours of Friday morning following a police chase resulting from the attempted abduction of a Jewish teenager several hours prior, Lakewood Alerts reported. The harrowing incident began at around 7:30 PM Thursday evening, when Lakewood Police and Shomrim were called to Forest Park Circle off […]

Russia Attacks Ukrainian Electrical Power Facilities, Including Major Hydroelectric Plant

Russia attacked electrical power facilities in much of Ukraine, including the country’s largest hydroelectric plant, causing widespread outages and killing at least five people, officials said Friday. President Volodymyr Zlenskyy said more than 60 drones and about 90 rockets were used in the attack. The attack came a day after Russia launched 31 missiles in […]

Micro-Apartments Are Back After Nearly A Century, As Need For Affordable Housing Soars

Every part of Barbara Peraza-Garcia and her family’s single-room apartment in Seattle has a double or even triple purpose. The 180-square-foot (17-square-meter) room is filled with an air mattress where she, her partner and their children, ages 2 and 4, sleep. It’s also where they play or watch TV. At mealtimes, it becomes their dining […]

Feds Want To Know How Airlines Handle And Share Passengers’ Personal Information

Federal officials said Thursday they will review how airlines protect personal information about their passengers and whether they are making money by sharing that information with other parties. The U.S. Department of Transportation said its review will focus on the 10 biggest U.S. airlines and cover their collection, handling and use of information about customers. […]