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Man Shouting “Kill The Jews!” Storms Teaneck Shul On Purim Night [VIDEOS]

In a disturbing incident on Purim night, Heichal HaTorah in Teaneck, New Jersey, became the scene of a hate-motivated intrusion. According to witnesses, an African American individual gained access to the venue through a side door and proceeded to the stage. Once in the spotlight, the intruder began yelling “Kill All the Jews,” a statement […]

How The Deadliest Attack On Russian Soil In Years Unfolded

The auditorium at Crocus City Hall was about three-quarters full, with the crowd waiting to see Picnic, a band popular since the Soviet days of the early 1980s. But the concert was sold out in the 6,200-seat hall, so some of the audience was still likely getting food or were shedding their heavy coats in […]

Under Growing Pressure, Netanyahu Backtracks On Bill To Raise IDF Exemption Age For Chareidim

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appears to have backtracked on parts of his proposed Charedi enlistment law. According to Hebrew-language news reports, the government has decided to remove a clause raising the exemption age for yeshiva students to 35. Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara had warned that she would be unable to defend the proposed bill, while […]

WATCH: Lib Chuck Todd MELTS DOWN After NBC Hires Former RNC Chief Ronna McDaniel

Former NBC News “Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd criticized his network Sunday for hiring former Republican National Committee head Ronna McDaniel as a paid contributor, saying on the air that many NBC journalists are uncomfortable with the decision. Todd spoke on “Meet the Press” after his successor as moderator, Kristen Welker, interviewed McDaniel about […]

New York City’s Mayor Cancels Border Trip, Citing Safety Concerns In Mexico

New York City’s mayor nixed a planned Sunday trip to the U.S.-Mexico border over security concerns. Mayor Eric Adams was slated to depart Saturday night to visit Brownsville and McAllen, Texas. The Democrat was expected to meet with U.S. immigration leaders as his city struggles to house new migrants seeking asylum. But Adams spokesperson Amaris […]

What’s Your Cover-up This Pesach?

What do your countertops look like on Pesach? Covered in crunchy aluminum foil, dirty contact paper or messy plastic boards? Elevate your kitchen cover-up with Dekal. Free Shipping on 3+ Rolls of Dekal Peel-and-Stick Pesach Counter Covers

Ireland Poised To Get Its Youngest Ever Prime Minister In 37-Year-Old Simon Harris

Ireland is poised to get its youngest-ever premier next month after Simon Harris secured the leadership of the Fine Gael party on Sunday, replacing Leo Varadkar who announced his surprise resignation last week. The 37-year-old Harris, who has been the coalition government’s further and higher education minister, was the only candidate to put his name […]

Iran’s Currency Hits A Record Low, With 613,500 Rials Worth Just 1 Dollar

Iran’s currency fell to a record low on Sunday, plunging to 613,500 to the dollar, as its people celebrated the Persian New Year. On Sunday, people were trying to exchange rials for foreign currency at Tehran’s main hub of exchange shops in Ferdowsi Street, but most were closed due to the Nowruz holidays, which are […]

IDF Launches Op In Khan Younis; Arrests 2 Hamas Leaders At Shifa Hospital [Video]

IDF and Shin Bet fighters launched an operation overnight at Motzei Shabbos in western Khan Younis. The operation began with fighter jets carrying out airstrikes against 40 terror targets, including underground tunnels and military sites. Afterward, IDF commandos surrounded the area and eliminated terrorists from close range. Reuters reported on Sunday that IDF troops made a […]

IN BROAD DAYLIGHT: Shin Bet, IDF Arrest Terrorist In PA Village Supermarket [Video]

A terrorist affiliated with Hamas who had previously served time in an Israeli prison for terror crimes was arrested last week in the center of the Palestinian village of Al-Bireh by undercover Border Police officers, Shin Bet operatives and IDF soldiers. The arrest was carried out in broad daylight, with the officers pulling up in […]

Is Your Seudah Ready? Hundreds of Almanos Are Waiting!!

Is Your Seudah  Ready? Hundreds of Almanos Are Waiting!!DONATE HERE! Misaskim & Yedid, Allow 750 Almanas to Host Their Own Purim Seudah!! Sponsor their Seudah for ONLY $180!!! When Purim rolls around, the pain strikes deep for families who lost a parent. They wonder: Why celebrate when Totty is missing? And why do we need […]

Reb Chaim’s Wine. What Is It?

The Siyumim Wine is the wine Rav Chaim made siyum hashas on, prepared especially for him by his talmid. Receive this special Siyumim wine from Rav Chaim Kanievsky zt”l! Today is still Purim and you can merit the great mitzvah of Pidyon Shvuyim (Redeeming of Captives) through Yad L’Achim on this holy day. You can […]

PURIM VIDEOS: Kriyas Megillah In Shifa Hospital In Gaza, Israeli Flag In Ponevezh Beis Medrash

Israelis outside of Jerusalem and other walled cities are celebrating Purim on Sunday along with the rest of the world. There were several minyanim for Kriyas HaMegillah in Gaza and even one in Shifa Hospital. In Yeshivas Ponevezh, bochurim and avreichim finished Shas together dozens of times on Purim night l’ilui nishmas HaGaon HaRav Gershon […]

Purim: Reb Chaim and the Boy From the Arab Village, Must Read

When Reb Chaim saw this bachur he was overcome with emotion at the sight of such a special bachur that grew up in an Arab Village until his rescue by Yad L’Achim. Today is still Purim (keep on reading for the story of Reb Chaim and the boy from the Arab Village) and you can merit […]