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VIDEO: Yomam V’Laylah: Minneapolis

The Siyum Presents: “Yomam V’Laylah: Minneapolis”:

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NYC Mayor, Running For President, On Defense After Blackout

New York’s mayor fended off criticism Monday for being in Iowa campaigning for president while Manhattan was in the grips of a major power outage.

Bill de Blasio said on MSNBC that he was in frequent contact with agencies handling the emergency and that he thinks first responders did an “incredible job.”

The Saturday night blackout darkened more than 40 square blocks of Manhattan, including Times Square.

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Deals, Protests During Amazon Prime Day

Amazon’s Prime Day is coming with a wave of deals – and protests.

The company’s fifth annual Prime Day now stretches two days, Monday and Tuesday, invented as an effort to try to drum up sales during sluggish summer months and sign up more users for its Prime loyalty program.

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Jerusalem: Cigarette Bandit In Custody

A burglar who broke into a shop in the center of Jerusalem was apprehended red handed with thousands of shekels worth of cigarettes that he stole from the store.

During routine police operation over the weekend, an alert resident reported that he saw something suspicious, possibly a break-in, in a shop nearby.

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Why You Belong in the Special Ed Field

Shani is a passionate special educator who positively impacts the lives of many Lakewood  children. As a teenager, she worked with children with special needs, devoting her Chesed hours in high school to these special children and their families, and spent her summers in Camp Simcha and Camp Simcha Special.

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