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Jerusalem City Hall To Designate Four Playgrounds For Kids With Allergies

Under the direction of Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon, following inquiries from city residents, four playgrounds will be designated specifically for children with allergies. The city explains this is towards creating a ‘sterile environment’ for allergic children, even during afternoon hours, permitting the children to take advantage of the new areas while ensuring their good health.

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Police Crack Down On Driving Violations In Yehuda & Shomron

Shai (Shomron-Yehuda) police report issuing 99 summonses for improper use of a cellphone while driving a vehicle in areas of Yehuda and Shomron.

Israel Police officials report this issuing of the summonses for use of the cellphones was part of an operation cracking down on vehicular violations that endanger the lives of other motorists.

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