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Did Jonathan Pollard Visit Israel’s Consulate in NYC?

Israel’s News12 has reported that Jonathan Pollard has made two visits to the Israeli Consulate building in New York City, a report that is being denied by Consulate officials.

According to the report, Pollard, who is prohibited from leaving the United States as part of the terms of his 2015 release from prison, is only permitted to visit the Israeli Consulate if US officials give the green light.

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What Purim will be Like AFTER Moshiach Comes

By Rabbi Yair Hoffman for the Five Towns Jewish Times

So what will Purim be like AFTER  Moshiach comes?

There is a famous Yalkut Shimoni (#944) referring to the time of Moshiach that states, “All the holidays are destined to be negated but the days of Purim will never be negated forever. 

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Tov V’Chesed Prepares for $250K Purim Initiative That Will Bring Joy to Orphaned & Struggling Households

Jerusalem, Israel – With the Purim spirit in the air and the month of simcha upon us, Tov V’Chesed offices are seeing a whirlwind of activity these days as staff and volunteers ready for another Purim to remember.As the premier Chesed organization in Israel, Tov V’Chesed is no stranger to Matanos L’evyonim and Mishloach Manos.

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