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What Shul is Right for You? The Staten Island Jewish Community Offers a Variety of Choices

The Jewish community Staten Island offers a variety of different shuls for every type of community member.

As part of the community’s efforts to encourage families to move to Staten Island, the community has placed increased emphasis on the resources the community has to offer, including building a website to aggregate these resources, and organizing a shabbaton to introduce potential families to the community.

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PHOTOS: Shuvu Celebrates Bar Mitzvah Of 200 students

Approximately 200 Israeli Shuvu boys joined together for a gala bar mitzvah in Jerusalem, enjoying festive celebrations, heartwarming live music and Divrei Torah from luminaries of the Torah world. Among the most touching moments of the joyous event was when 30 boys who turned 13 this month were presented with brand new, beautiful Tefillin, funded by donations from bar mitzvah boys in the United States and London.

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Armed Infiltrator From Jordan Apprehended

A man armed with a knife was apprehended after crossing into Israel from Jordan on Tuesday, in the Aravah area.

The suspect was taken into custody by security officials and he will be questioned towards determining if he crossed into Israel to carry out a terrorist attack.

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Trial Of 4 Suspects In MH17 Downing To Start In March

Four people, including a prominent eastern Ukrainian separatist commander, were charged with murder Wednesday in the 2014 downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine that killed 298 people.

A team of international investigators announced the charges, saying the trial will start in March 2020 at the Hague District Court, sitting in a high-security courtroom near Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport.

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Court Rejects Petition Against The Waqf Opening A Mosque At Shar Rachamim

Justice Meni Mazuz rejected a request by the Regavim Movement to stop Waqf construction at Shar Rachamim.

Supreme Court Justice Meni Mazuz rejected another request by the Regavim Movement to issue an interim order to stop the illegal work carried out by the Muslim Waqf at Shar Rachamim on Har Habayis, as they have violated a government order and converted it into another mosque.

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