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Children Kept Shocking Secret From Teachers, Friends

The Dahan teenagers have attended school during recent weeks concealing a secret. Though teachers and friends noticed that they seemed less clean and that they often wore the same clothing, they did not dream of the dark reality at hand:

The Ben Dahan family recently made aliyah from French Polynesia, full of optimism for their new life in the ‘holy land.’ When father Daniel lost his job, however, the matter took a turn for the worst.

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WATCH: BBC Cameraman Attacked at Trump MAGA Rally in Texas

The White House Correspondents’ Association condemned on Tuesday an attack the night before of a television cameraman working at President Donald Trump’s rally in El Paso, Texas.

The association’s president, Olivier Knox, said Tuesday the group is relieved that “this time, no one was seriously hurt.”

Knox said the president should make clear to his supporters that violence against reporters is unacceptable.

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Israel Election News Roundup 2/12/19

Likud Election Committee Calls For A Recount Of Votes From Primaries

The Likud Election Committee announced its decision on Tuesday, and all the votes from its primary election held last week will be recounted after major discrepancies were documented.

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