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MIRACLE IN FLATBUSH: ‘Access-A-Ride’ Bus Slams Into Bench On Ocean Pkwy, Minor Injuries Reported [VIDEO & PHOTOS]

In what can be described as nothing less than a miracle, no one was killed or even seriously injured in a crash on Ocean Parkway on Sunday afternoon.

It happened at around 2:00PM on Ocean Parkway near Avenue N, when a vehicle collided with an Access-A-Ride bus, causing the bus to lose control, jump the curb, and slam into one of the benches that line the street.

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Credible Threats Prompt Increased Security for Chabad Houses And Israeli Embassy In India

Because of credible threats received by security agencies, security has been increased around Chabad Houses located in India. Local law enforcement agencies have increased security for the Chabad Houses.

Local media reports indicate that this is a terror threat linked to al-Qaeda and ISIS, and its aim is to carry out an attack in the near future with a focus around the Tishrei Yomim Tovim.

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WATCH: New Animated Musical For Kids


Why Parents Love The Kneidles.

Because “The Kneidles” is a one of a kind, 60 minute long, Animated Musical for kids that is packed with fun, educational Torah lessons about getting ready for Shabbos, full of great attitude and positivity.

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