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Free to Join Tefilla in Mezhibuzh (BS”T) on Erev Shavuos through Yad L’Achim

To our dear friends and supporters, I want to invite you… twice! #1  To fulfill the #1 priority in tzedaka (Shulchan Aruch) giving which is Pidyon Shvuyim – (redeeming of captives) by helping Yad L’Achim rescue trapped women & children before Shavuos…(Many of us were “trapped” in our homes, perhaps so we can appreciate the magnitude of what these women & children are going through) 2.  To please join the tefillah @the Baal Shem Tov in Mezhibuzh for free, but hurry, as the deadline is approaching… CLICK HERE or visit or call 1-866-923-5224  If you know someone who can benefit from this free tefillah, please CLICK HERE to share it with them via WhatsApp. This Erev Shavuos, Merit the Special Segulah of “104” of Rav Chaim Palagi zt”l WATCH A VIDEO OF MICHAL, TELLING HER LIFE’S STORY (WITH A SURPRISE ENDING) – CLICK HERE This Thursday, Erev Shavuos, Talmidei Chachamim, Messengers of Yad L’Achim, Will Daven For You & Your Loved Ones for SHIDDUCHIM & ALL PERSONAL REQUESTS(no minimum donation required to submit names) In Mezhibuzh, Ukraine, At The Resting Place Of The BAAL SHEM TOV HAKADOSH On the Day of Tefillah for His Yahrtzeit, On EREV SHAVUOS – A GREAT DAY OF SEGULAH You can also help Yad L’Achim save Jewish lives – Pidyon Shvuyim! CLICK HERE OR visit TO JOIN

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Why is There No Mention of Shavuos Being Matan Torah in the Torah Itself? Rav Aharon Kotler Answers

By Rav Aharon Kotler zt”l translated by Rabbi Yair Hoffman for It is known that the special nature of a particular time follows according to that which happened during that time [in the past].  The yemei hagbalah – the days of separation are included in this in general, and the Yom Tov of Shavuos in particular.  We are especially prone and capable of accepting the yoke of Torah during this time and to achieve those devices in which one can acquire Torah.  Without these “acquisition devices” the Torah cannot be acquired.  It is just like any other item that cannot be obtained except through the method of kinyan that is effective for that item. TORAH CAN ONLY BE RETAINED THROUGH THIS If we achieve Torah through any other method, we will not merit to recognize the truth in it.  He will not retain his learning, nor will it be considered his Torah (See Avodah Zarah 19b). EMUNAH IN TORAH MIN HASHAMAYIM INVOLVES ALWAYS REMEMBERING HAR SINAI The Pasuk (Dvarim 4:9) tells us: “But beware and watch yourself very well, lest you forget the things that your eyes saw, and lest these things depart from your heart, all the days of your life..”  The Ramban there explains that this is the essence of Emunah in Torah min hashamayim – that is – constantly remembering how we stood at Har Sinai.  This is also explained in the Rambam Yesodei haTorah (8:1) that our standing at Har Sinai is a deeper fundamental principle than all of the signs and wonders.  The obligation of “And you shall inform your children and grandchildren”  at the end of the Pasuk (in Dvarim 4:9) refers to this obligation – that our standing at har Sinai must truly be within the concept of “that your eyes saw,” – for this is the foundation of Emunah in the laws of the Torah. Now, Chazal have said (Avos 3:8 and Yuma 38b) that one who forgets one item of his learning is liable with his life.  The Gemorah in menachos 99b explains that he is in violation of 3 lavin.  These 3 lavin are derived from the pasuk of “But beware and watch yourself..” REMEMBERING TORAH AND REMEMBERING HAR SINAI ARE SYNONYMOUS The understanding of this concept is that the “remembering of divrei Torah” and the remembering of “Matan Torah – how we got the Torah” are, in fact, one and the same.  The remembering of Matan Torah and how we stood at Har Sinai are both dependent upon and contingent upon our remembering our learning.  This is as the posuk in Dvarim (5:19) states: Hashem spoke these words.. with a great voice, velo yasaf – that did not cease.”  Unkelus translates, “velo yasaf” to mean that it did not stop.  That is, the sound of Matan Torah exists and stands in the Torah [itself]. WHY THERE ARE NO COMMEMORATIONS FOR MATAN TORAH It is for this reason that all the commemorations and signs are connected to Yetzias Mitzrayim – and not to the commemorate Har Sinai – even though it is the foundation of everything as mentioned earlier.  Indeed, Shavuos is not even mentioned in the Torah as the time of Matan Torah. This is what Dovid HaMelech wrote in Tehillim (62:12): “Hashem spoke one thing, I heard […]

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Pentagon’s No. 2 IG Official Resigns After Being Passed Over

The No. 2 official in the Pentagon’s office of inspector general, Glenn Fine, resigned Tuesday, several weeks after he was effectively removed as head of a special board to oversee auditing of the $2.2 trillion coronavirus economic relief package. His departure, effective June 1, is the latest move in a broader shakeup of government watchdog agencies that Democrats call a politically motivated campaign by President Donald Trump to weaken government oversight. On May 15, Trump fired the State Department’s inspector general, Steve Linick, whose office was critical of what it saw as political bias in the State Department’s management. In April, Trump also fired Michael Atkinson, the intelligence community inspector general who forwarded to Congress a whistleblower complaint that ultimately led to the president’s impeachment in the House. A spokeswoman for the Pentagon’s Office of Inspector General, Dwrena Allen, said Fine was not asked to resign. Fine issued a brief written statement lauding the importance of government watchdogs. “The role of inspectors general is a strength of our system of government,” Fine said. “They provide independent oversight to help improve government operations in a transparent way. They are a vital component of our system of checks and balances, and I am grateful to have been part of that system.” Fine, who received his law degree from Harvard, came to the Pentagon’s inspector general’s office as the No. 2 official in 2015 and had previously been inspector general at the Department of Justice from 2000 to 2011. He also is a former assistant United States attorney in Washington, D.C. Trump in early April designated Sean O’Donnell, the inspector general at the Environmental Protection Agency, to also be the acting Pentagon inspector general, replacing Fine as the head official. That move pushed Fine back to his previous position as the principal deputy inspector general and made him ineligible to head the special oversight board for coronavirus relief spending. Although O’Donnell is now the acting inspector general at the Pentagon, Trump has nominated Jason Abend to be the permanent IG. Abend is a senior policy advisor at U.S. Customs and Border Protection. (AP)

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Summer Break for Israeli Schools Drastically Reduced Due To The Coronavirus Lockdown

The Israeli government announced that the school year will be extended until July 13th this year due to the cancellation of two months of school due to the coronavirus crisis. Furthermore, a special “summer school” is being established for kindergarten through 4th grade from July 14 to August 6th to assist parents who have recently returned to work and to help stabilize the economy. In order to extend the school year until July 13, teachers are working an extra nine days in lieu of the days off they had during the lockdown. The school extension and the summer school program will cost the Israeli government NIS 700 million, according to a statement by the Prime Minister’s Office spokesperson. “The plan to continue schools operating through the month of July and into August was built in an effort to assist working parents and return the economy to full capacity,” an education ministry official said. “Furthermore, it was also our goal to minimize the education gaps that students developed during the coronavirus crisis. It is our hope that parents will now be able to maintain a regular schedule at work during the summer as well. During regular years, parents have to pay for short summer camps. The deferral of summer vacation will save a great deal of money that will then be put back into each family’s budget and we hope that this too will spur the economy forward.” (YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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Couple Fights To Save 2 Children, Require $1.2M In 2 Weeks

It’s been a long three years for Jennie and Gary Landsman. The Landsmans are parents to Benny and Josh, two young boys ages 4 and 3. The boys suffer from Canavan disease, a rare, life-threatening progressive brain disorder. Most children with Canavan disease die by age ten. Three years ago the Landsmans were told by doctors that there is nothing they can do to save their boys. “We were told to just go home and love them,” said Jennie. Though devastated, Jennie mustered up her strength and began researching the disease online. She connected with other families affected by Canavan disease and learned about Dr. Paola Leone, a renowned neuroscientist, and director of the Cell and Gene Therapy Center at Rowan University’s School of Osteopathic Medicine in New Jersey. As one of the top experts on Canavan disease in the world, Leone and her team have been working on developing cutting edge treatments for neurological diseases for over 20 years. The Landsmans reached out to Dr. Leone who agreed to devote what would become the next 3 years of her life to creating a treatment for Benny and Josh, taking advantage of all the recent advancements in gene therapies. Their next challenge was figuring out how to come up with the money to pay for the treatments. Insurance companies don’t cover experimental treatments and drug companies don’t invest in drugs for rare diseases that treat such a small percentage of the population. The Landsmans set out on a mission to raise the necessary funds and save their sons. In November 2017 they began fundraising online and their story went viral. They were filmed for a segment on Good Morning America, featured in People magazine, and had countless articles written sharing their story with the world. “We were so incredibly grateful,” said Jennie. “So much money came from everyday people, people who don’t know us. They want to save Benny and Josh. It makes me cry. People have so much love to give. It changed my view of the world.” Despite the big price tag, raising the funds wasn’t their biggest hurdle. Gaining FDA approval for the treatment was the most difficult part of all. The FDA required that Dr. Leone and the Landsmans produce the drug at the highest purity and at a pharmaceutical grade level. And they needed to conduct and pay for expensive animal and primate studies before the FDA would approve its use. “They wanted us to do everything at a pharmaceutical level as if we are a pharmaceutical company,” said Jennie, “but we are just a simple family.” Though the additional expense to satisfy the FDA requirements meant more fundraising, the Landsmans viewed the FDA meeting as a positive one as they knew the FDA would not stand in their way of treating their boys. The Landsmans also insisted that the FDA allow the treatment to be used on other children as well. “There are other families we’ve met, with children waiting for a chance at life, for me it wasn’t a choice, they need to be treated as well,” said Jennie. The FDA indicated that they would allow up to ten children to be treated in this first trial. “I opened this charity (Cure Canavan Fund), and we’re going to keep it going after Benny […]

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Biden Calls Trump A ‘Fool’ For Mocking Masks During Pandemic

Joe Biden said Tuesday that wearing a mask in public to combat the spread of the coronavirus is a sign of leadership and called President Donald Trump a “fool” who was “stoking deaths” for suggesting otherwise. The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee’s comments came a day after he wore a black face mask while making his first public appearance in more than two months. Biden has remained at his Delaware home amid a pandemic that has frozen the presidential campaign, but he marked Memorial Day by laying a wreath at a nearby veterans’ memorial with his wife, Jill. Trump later retweeted a post that appeared to make fun of a photo of Biden in his mask, though he later said he didn’t mean to be critical. In an interview with CNN, Biden responded, “He’s a fool, an absolute fool, to talk that way.” “He’s supposed to lead by example,” Biden said. The former vice president also noted that nearly 100,000 Americans have been killed by the virus and suggested that as many as half of those deaths were avoidable but for Trump’s “lack of attention and ego.” Federal officials have recommended that people cover their nose and mouth in public when other measures, such as practicing social distancing of at least 6 feet (1.8 meters), aren’t possible. But the issue has become increasingly politically charged, with Trump refusing to wear a mask and polls finding that conservative Americans are more likely to forgo them as well. Biden didn’t wear a mask during the CNN interview, which was conducted outside his house, but he sat 12 feet (3.6 meters) from the reporter. “It’s just absolutely this macho stuff,” Biden said of Trump bristling at wearing a mask in public, a practice the former vice president called being “falsely masculine.” “It’s cost people’s lives.” Biden added that the president is politicizing the issue and “it’s stoking deaths. That’s not going to increase the likelihood that people are going to be better off.” After Biden wore the mask on Memorial Day, Trump retweeted a post by a political commentator that featured an image of a masked Biden over the comment, “This might help explain why Trump doesn’t like to wear a mask in public.” Asked about that during a subsequent event in the White House Rose Garden, the president responded, “Biden can wear a mask.” “But he was standing outside with his wife, perfect conditions, perfect weather,” Trump said. “They’re inside, they don’t wear masks and so I thought it was very unusual that he had one on. But I thought that was fine. I wasn’t criticizing him at all. Why would I ever do a thing like that?” Trump then asked the reporter who was following up with a second question to remove the mask he was wearing, complaining he couldn’t hear him. When the reporter instead said he would speak louder, the president replied: “Oh, OK, ’cause you want to be politically correct.” Federal guidance does not recommend that people wear masks when at home. Still, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany used the same line of argument on Tuesday. She noted that Biden has foregone a mask while appearing for frequent online events from his home, something he did during a virtual fundraiser held Tuesday night. “It is a bit peculiar,” […]

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Lev Tahor Cult School Principal Indicted In Jerusalem For Child Abuse

On Tuesday, in the Jerusalem District Court, an indictment was filed against Elazar Rompler for child abuse. Rompler served as a school principal in Canada for the Lev Tahor cult and is charged with mentally and physically abusing at least two children, ages 8 and 9 respectively between the years of 2009-2011. Rompler, 46, held his position before the group fled from Canada to Guatemala in 2014. The children in question, were children who belonged to the cult and were under his tutelage. In one case Rompler allegedly had a child stripped, tied up, and beaten with a stick for several hours over suspicions that the child stole money from a tzedaka box. He is also accused of instructing other teachers to hold a child down and beat the child repeatedly for allegedly lying. There are currently multiple Lev Tahor cult leaders in United States Federal prison awaiting trials. Among them are Nachman Helbrans, 36; Mayer Rosner, 42, and his son Jacob Rosner, 20; Aron Rosner, 45, of Brooklyn, Mayer Rosner’s brother. A fifth man, Lev Tahor member Matityau Malka, and Mordechai Yoel Malka. STAY UPDATED WITH BREAKING UPDATES FROM YWN VIA WHATSAPP – SIGN UP NOW Just click on this link, and you will be placed into a group. They face various charges including kidnapping, identity theft, (use of fake passports) conspiracy to defraud the United States and international parental kidnapping. Four are being held without bond (due to flight risks). Aron Rosner was released on a $10 million bond to home confinement and electronic monitoring. Former members of Lev Tahor (who either escaped or were otherwise expelled) do not recall learning Mishnayos or Gemara, nor any Mitzvos Bein Adam LeChaveiro. They spend the majority of the day in deep prayer and are only allowed to study certain sections of the Chumash, with Lev Tahor commentary. Lev Tahor practices include women and girls wearing black head-to-toe coverings day and night, arranged marriages between teenagers, and a violent form of Malkos. Lev Tahor only permits certain fruits and vegetables to be eaten, as well as whole wheat flour made into bread with a stone press. [LEV TAHOR HORROR: Tales of Beatings and Torture Emerge From Excommunicated Cult Members] Reports indicate cult leaders have suggested death as better alternative than life outside the cult. Lev Tahor was founded and led by Shlomo Helbrans, from the 1980s until his drowning death in Mexico in 2017. Since then, the leadership has moved into the hands of his son Nachman Helbrans, along with Mayer Rosner, Yankel and Yoel Weingarten, who are even more radical and aggressive than the late founder. (YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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Ponevezh Yeshiva Re-Opens Bais Medrash Ahead of Shavuos

The Ponevezh yeshiva announced on Tuesday that it would be allowing all Talmidim to return to the Yeshiva and once again begin studying in the Bais Medrash Hagadol – Heichal Ohel Kedoshim. This will be the first time the Yeshiva has opened the Bais Medrash in more than two months. The Yeshiva, which is run by Rosh Yeshiva, Hagaon Harav Gershon Edelstein, will be opening the Bais Medrash ahead of Shavuos. It will be open for minyanim and Seder Limmud to the Talmidim only. The entire Bais Medrash and halls will be set up in various divisions in order to comply with the regulations and allow for people to properly protect themselves. Students who wish to return already to the Yeshiva ahead of Yom Tov can do so and will be put up by families in the area. The accommodations will include meals and lodging. The dormitories will however, remain closed. According to the new declarations, Yom Tov Seudos are not allowed to be eaten anywhere on the Yeshiva campus and people will not be allowed to bring food for such a purpose. (YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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Rubio, Now Intelligence Chair, Warns Of Virus Misinformation

Sen. Marco Rubio, the new Republican chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, is warning that foreign actors will seek to amplify conspiracy theories about the coronavirus and find new ways to interfere in the 2020 presidential election. The Florida Republican said in an interview with The Associated Press on Tuesday that one possibility could be an effort to convince people that a new vaccine against the virus, once created, would be more harmful than helpful. “I think the COVID-19 crisis is one in which you’ve seen efforts to promote false narratives that drive some of the friction in this country,” Rubio said. Four years after Russian efforts to sow division in the U.S., he warned: “I’m not sure that we’re any less vulnerable than we once were.” The new intelligence post comes as Rubio has risen to greater prominence in the Senate since his turbulent 2016, when he lost the Republican primary to Donald Trump and then decided to run for reelection after originally saying he would retire. He was tapped as chairman last week when Republican Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina decided to temporarily step aside amid a federal investigation into his stock sales. As Rubio considers whether to run for president again – that’s a question he says “I need to answer in the future” – he is now working two crucial jobs, at intelligence and also as the chairman of the Senate Small Business Committee, which is trying to resuscitate the spiraling economy. For the senator, who arrived in Washington on the 2010 tea party wave, the dual gavels offer a prime platform for his populist economic outlook, particularly his early warnings on China, that are now mainstays of the GOP and on point with Trump’s appeal to Americans who feel left behind by the global economy. “I do think there’s going to be a broader conversation,” Rubio said about supply chains and domestic manufacturing, “that’s going to have to be part of the new 21st-century economy post-pandemic.” Now privy to the highest level classified briefings as chairman, Rubio says he can’t talk about specific influence operations because “obviously some of that is ongoing.” But he believes the Russian efforts so far have “succeeded far beyond Putin’s wildest dreams.” By tapping into polarized politics and fanning conspiracy theories, he said, Russia and other foreign actors are like “lighting a match.” He also points to China’s efforts to deflect its own role in the crisis. “The goal is to keep you so divided and fighting with each other that you become dysfunctional and unable to respond to the threat,” he said. Rubio is taking over the chairmanship just as the committee wraps up a three-year investigation into the Russian interference. The panel has publicly released its endorsement of a 2017 assessment by intelligence agencies that Russia interfered and favored Trump, a conclusion that Trump has disputed. It has also laid out Russia’s disinformation efforts in detail. He indicated that the final report, which is undergoing a declassification process, will say there is no evidence of coordination between Trump’s campaign and Russia. “I think our report will be one of now several inquiries or investigative efforts that have led to the same conclusion,” Rubio said. The House Intelligence Committee similarly said so in a 2018 report, and special […]

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Weather Better For Historic SpaceX Launch Of NASA Astronauts

With the weather looking up, SpaceX and NASA officials vowed Tuesday to keep crew safety the top priority for the nation’s first astronaut launch to orbit in nearly a decade. Veteran NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken were set to make history Wednesday afternoon, riding SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon capsule to the International Space Station on a test flight. SpaceX was on the cusp of becoming the first private company to put astronauts in orbit, something achieved by just three countries — Russia, the U.S. and China. On the eve of the launch, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said from Kennedy Space Center that both the space agency and SpaceX have been diligent about making sure everyone in the launch loop knows they’re free to halt the countdown if there’s a concern. President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are expected at Kennedy for the planned 4:33 p.m. liftoff, but “our highest priority” will remain the astronauts’ safety, according to Bridenstine. Bridenstine said he texted the two astronauts Monday and told them, “`If you want me to stop this thing for any reason, say so. I will stop it in a heartbeat if you want me to.′ They both came back and they said, ‘We’re go for launch.’ ” Hans Koenigsmann, a SpaceX vice president, said Monday evening that he and other company workers have imagined themselves in the astronauts’ shoes on launch day — “or their helmets.” “That changes the equation pretty dramatically,” he said. SpaceX has been launching cargo capsules to the space station since 2012. “It’s a huge step, obviously, going from cargo … to launching two people that are dads as we call them and have families, kids, wives.,” Koenigsmann added. NASA will have input throughout the countdown, but in the end, it will be SpaceX giving the final go — with NASA’s concurrence. “SpaceX is controlling the vehicle, there’s no fluff about that,” Norm Knight, a NASA flight operations manager, said Monday. The odds of acceptable launch weather improved Tuesday to 60%. But that didn’t factor in conditions along the Dragon’s route to orbit. SpaceX needs relatively calm waves and wind up the U.S. and Canadian seaboard and across the North Atlantic to Ireland, in case astronauts Hurley and Behnken need to make an emergency splashdown. If SpaceX does not launch during Wednesday’s split-second window, the next try would be Saturday. Liftoff is set for 4:33 p.m. EDT. The last time astronauts launched from Florida was on NASA’s final space shuttle flight in July 2011. Hurley was the pilot of that mission. NASA hired SpaceX and Boeing in 2014 to transport astronauts to the space station, after commercial cargo shipments had taken off. Development of SpaceX’s Dragon and Boeing’s Starliner capsules took longer than expected, however, and the U.S. has been paying Russia to launch NASA astronauts in the interim. (AP)

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Enthralling New Jewish Reading Experience for the COVID Era

  Questions about the Torah way to deal with challenging times have always been a major part of Jewish thought. The COVID crisis has brought many of these issues to the forefront. Jews everywhere are asking themselves, “How can I learn and grow from this difficult situation?” But almost two years before COVID took over our lives, world-renowned Torah teacher Rabbi Daniel Yaakov Travis had a big idea: What if we could explore inspirational Torah wisdom about growing through life challenges, through an enthralling, suspenseful, knock-your-socks-off novel? In 2018, Rabbi Travis approached Mrs. Naomi Elbinger, his collaborator on several best-selling books, including Praying with Joy and Living On, asking her to write this big idea into reality. For almost two years, they worked to create a book called Yedidya. Feedback from test readers was overwhelmingly excited and positive, as was interest from major Jewish publishers. But then came Corona. This worldwide crisis has brought questions of the Torah approach to challenging times to the fore for so many Jews, but also caused a publishing industry slow-down. Following the trend of Torah that’s going digital during lockdown, a bold choice was made to publish Yedidya immediately as a digital book – with the goal of getting this enthralling, uplifting reading experience into your hands fast, with minimum effort and cost. Start reading free online  A First: Rabbis Give Haskamas to a Novel   Yedidya is not just a gripping, action-packed story filled with unforgettable characters, it’s also a sefer that explores original Torah sources on the topic of emunah in hard times. Leading rabbis have welcomed Yedidya as a much-needed source of chizuk.  They have even broken the mold by gracing the book with glowing haskamas, even though this is unheard-of for a novel.  Here are what some prominent Rabbanim have to say about Yedidya: “This novel, in addition to being an enjoyable and inspiring read, will also be a way to imbue oneself with vital Torah lessons for life.” Rabbi Zev Leff shlita “This book opens up the Gates of Hope, Emunah and Bitachon in situations of suffering and anxiety… I am sure that Yedidya will BE”H bring support and healing to readers.” Rabbi Shlomo Zafrani shlita “I haven’t read a novel in years, but this one is different. Yedidya is both a gripping story and a profound, uplifting exploration of what it means to be a faithful Jew in the modern world.” – Rabbi Yitzchok Jaeger shlita: Author, the Guidelines halachah series To read more Rabbinic Recommendations for Yedidya, click here Yedidya: The Story Meet Yedidya Steinhart: a typical yeshiva bachur, or at least he would like to be. He’s left behind a tough childhood in New York and is determined to make it at an elite Jerusalem yeshiva. But then two unexpected events turn his world upside down: first, he is visited by an apparent nevuah ketanah, a “small prophecy” as described in the Talmud; second, he is falsely accused of a serious crime, with devastating consequences. Yedidya’s quest for redemption brings unlikely friends, mentors, and adventures, as well as illuminating discoveries about happiness and faith through the ups and downs of real life. The book is delivered to you in installments by email or Whatsapp – making it a perfect reading experience for the COVID era. Start […]

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CYBER WARFARE: Israeli Coronavirus Vaccine Research Centers Hit In Multiple Cyberattacks

Israeli research centers have been struck multiple times by cyberattacks in attempts to hinder Israel’s capabilities to develop a vaccine against COVID-19, Channel 12 News reported on Monday. One of the attacks occurred last week, when hundreds of other Israeli websites were hacked in a mass cyberattack ahead of Quds Day. Fortunately, the attacks, which were attempts to sabotage research and development of a vaccine for COVID-19 rather than steal information or data, were unsuccessful. According to the report, Israel is aware of the identity of the attackers. Cyberattacks have also been reported at coronavirus vaccine research centers in other countries, including the US and UK. Israel’s security forces and firms have been on the alert for Iran-based cyberattacks in response to reports of the Israeli cyberattack last month on the computer system of the Shahid Rajaei Port, near the Strait of Hormuz. Israel’s attack was reportedly in response to an Iranian attempt to hack Israel’s water infrastructure system in April. The attack caused a pump in the Sharon municipal water system in central Israel to cease operation, although it did resume operation shortly afterward. (YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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In An Early US Coronavirus Hot Spot, Business Slowly Reopens

The suburbs north of New York City eased outbreak restrictions, and the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange opened for the first time in two months, as the state focused more intently Tuesday on restarting its economy. More on those and other coronavirus-related developments in New York: ___ FOCUS ON REOPENING After weeks of declining deaths and hospitalizations, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said it was time to focus on relaunching New York City’s moribund economy. The Democratic governor laid out a plan that included accelerating major infrastructure projects and tackling transmission of the virus in the hardest-hit neighborhoods after ringing open the Stock Exchange. “We’re going to turn the page on COVID-19, and we’re going to start focusing on reopening,” he said during a briefing at the exchange. The mid-Hudson Valley, including the city’s northern suburbs, on Tuesday became the latest region of New York state to begin slowly phasing in economic activity. Long Island was expected to follow Wednesday, which would leave New York City as the only region awaiting the start of reopening. Cuomo said the state will direct outbreak-fighting resources to 10 city ZIP codes that account for many of the new hospitalizations. Those cases are coming from mostly lower-income and predominantly minority neighborhoods, he said. Citing the need for infrastructure spending to boost the economy, Cuomo announced accelerated timelines for improvement projects at the city’s Penn Station and LaGuardia Airport. He said the state would need help from the federal government for other projects and that he planned to travel Wednesday to Washington and meet with President Donald Trump. Statewide hospitalization rates continue to decline, with about 200 new cases a day. The number of deaths reported Monday dropped to 73, the lowest number since late March. “In this absurd new reality, that is good news,” Cuomo said. New York state has recorded more than 23,000 deaths from the outbreak, a figure that does not include another 4,749 “probable” deaths in New York City that haven’t been confirmed by a lab test. The largely suburban counties north of the city entered the first phase of the state’s four-part reopening process after meeting criteria for reopening including declining deaths and hospitalizations. The region now easing restrictions includes Westchester County, where New York’s first major outbreak happened in early March. That led the governor to restrict activity in a “containment zone,” a precursor to his statewide order. Kemesha Salmon had her door open Tuesday at TP Toys on North Avenue in New Rochelle, the site of the outbreak, for the first time since March 12. Because she sells educational toys, she was deemed essential and could still sell, but thinks only her most loyal customers were aware. Now, passersby will know she’s back. “A lot of people did not know that we were doing contactless shopping all this time,” she said. “I’m looking up.” There have been more than 1,300 deaths so far in Westchester County and nearly 500 in the nearby Rockland County. Both have had more fatalities per capita than Manhattan, where restrictions are expected to stay in place at least into June. ___ STOCK EXCHANGE OPENS Traders cheered as Cuomo rang the opening bell of the Stock Exchange, which had been closed since March when the state shut down. Under rules put in place […]

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USPS Mail Carrier Arrested & Charged With Attempted Election Fraud

ELKINS, WEST VIRGINIA – Thomas Cooper, a mail carrier in Pendleton County, was charged today in a criminal complaint with attempted election fraud, U.S. Attorney Bill Powell announced. Cooper, age 47, of Dry Fork, West Virginia, is charged with “Attempt to Defraud the Residents of West Virginia of a Fair Election.” According to the affidavit filed with the complaint, Cooper held a U.S. Postal Service contract to deliver mail in Pendleton County. In April 2020, the Clerk of Pendleton County received “2020 Primary Election COVID-19 Mail-In Absentee Request” forms from eight voters on which the voter’s party-ballot request appeared to have been altered. The clerk reported the finding to the West Virginia Secretary of State’s office, which began an investigation. The investigation found five ballot requests that had been altered from “Democrat” to “Republican.” On three other requests, the party wasn’t changed, but the request had been altered. Cooper was responsible for the mail delivery of the three towns from which the tampered requests were mailed: Onego, Riverton, and Franklin, West Virginia. According to the affidavit, Cooper admitted to altering some of the requests, saying it was a joke. The complaint was filed after an investigation by the West Virginia Election Fraud Task Force, led by Assistant United States Attorneys from both the Northern and Southern Districts of West Virginia, Special Agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and investigators from the West Virginia Secretary of State’s Office.

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The Heartbeat of Chinuch: Schools Band Together in Support of Torah U’mesorah

With the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, life as we knew it came to a crashing halt. Yeshivos, schools and shuls shut down. We were – and in many cases still are – confined to our homes, instructed to wait this out until things can return to normal.  But while we were waiting and watching, there were some heroic individuals who didn’t rest a day.  In fact, they continued working and laboring on behalf of our precious children, doing what they’ve always done, not resting for a moment. We’re talking about the heroes of Torah Umesorah. Torah Umesorah’s staff hasn’t taken a day off since coronavirus entered our lexicon. Creative, innovative and forward-thinking, Torah Umesorah’s team has presented new, never-before-seen initiatives, projects and innovations to ensure that chinuch during Pandemic 2020 would continue undisturbed as much as possible. Now, we must be there for them. Let us do our part to ensure that Torah Umesorah, whose dedication and services we so often take for granted, can continue working on our behalf.  We are asking you all for a recommended donation of $54 so that together, we express our strong and unwavering support of Torah Umesorah, the greatest chinuch organization in existence today. Click HERE to become a Chinuch Partner

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Trump Slams Twitter After They Place Warning Label On His Tweets

Twitter slapped a warning label on one of President Trump’s tweets for the first time on Tuesday, cautioning readers that despite the president’s claims, “fact checkers” say there is “no evidence” that mail-in voting would increase fraud risks — and that “experts say mail-in ballots are very rarely linked to voter fraud.” Within minutes, Trump accused Twitter of “interfering in the 2020 Presidential Election … based on fact-checking by Fake News CNN and the Amazon Washington Post.” The president added that the platform “is completely stifling FREE SPEECH” and vowed: “I, as President, will not allow it to happen!” The warning label prompted conservatives to again condemn Twitter for what they have called its apparent left-wing bias: Just two months ago, Twitter flagged a video uploaded by the Trump campaign as “manipulated media,” only to rebuff the campaign’s efforts to have the platform flag a similar video uploaded by the Biden team. ….Twitter is completely stifling FREE SPEECH, and I, as President, will not allow it to happen! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 26, 2020 “We always knew that Silicon Valley would pull out all the stops to obstruct and interfere with President Trump getting his message through to voters,” Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale said in a statement. “Partnering with the biased fake news media ‘fact checkers’ is only a smoke screen Twitter is using to try to lend their obvious political tactics some false credibility. There are many reasons the Trump campaign pulled all our advertising from Twitter months ago, and their clear political bias is one of them.“ (YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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Four Minneapolis Officers Fired After Death Of Black Man

Four Minneapolis officers involved in the arrest of a black man who died in police custody were fired Tuesday, hours after a bystander’s video showed an officer kneeling on the handcuffed man’s neck, even after he pleaded that he could not breathe and stopped moving. Mayor Jacob Frey announced the firings on Twitter, saying “This is the right call.” The man’s death Monday night was under investigation by the FBI and state law enforcement authorities. It immediately drew comparisons to the case of Eric Garner, an unarmed black man who died in 2014 in New York after he was placed in a chokehold by police and pleaded for his life, saying he could not breathe. In a post on his Facebook page, Frey apologized Tuesday to the black community for the officer’s treatment of the man, who was later identified as 46-year-old George Floyd, who worked security at a restaurant. “Being Black in America should not be a death sentence. For five minutes, we watched a white officer press his knee into a Black man’s neck. Five minutes. When you hear someone calling for help, you’re supposed to help. This officer failed in the most basic, human sense,” Frey posted. Police said the man matched the description of a suspect in a forgery case at a grocery store, and that he resisted arrest. The video starts with the shirtless man on the ground, and does not show what happened in the moments prior. The unidentified officer is kneeling on his neck, ignoring his pleas. “Please, please, please, I can’t breathe. Please, man,” said Floyd, who has his face against the pavement. Floyd also moans. One of the officers tells him to “relax.” The man calls for his mother and says: “My stomach hurts, my neck hurts, everything hurts … I can’t breathe.” As bystanders shout their concern, one officer says, “He’s talking, so he’s breathing.” But Floyd stops talking and slowly becomes motionless under the officer’s restraint. The officer does not remove his knee until the man is loaded onto a gurney by paramedics. Several witnesses had gathered on a nearby sidewalk, some recording the scene on their phones. The bystanders become increasingly agitated. One man yells repeatedly. “He’s not responsive right now!” Two witnesses, including one woman who said she was a Minneapolis firefighter, yell at the officers to check the man’s pulse. “Check his pulse right now and tell me what it is!” she said. At one point, an officer says: “Don’t do drugs, guys.” And one man yells, “Don’t do drugs, bro? What is that? What do you think this is?” The Hennepin County medical examiner identified Floyd but said the cause of death was pending. Floyd had worked security for five years at a restaurant called Conga Latin Bistro and rented a home from the restaurant owner, Jovanni Thunstrom. He was “a good friend, person and a good tenant,” the restaurateur told the Star Tribune. “He was family. His co-workers and friends loved him.” Ben Crump, a prominent civil rights and personal injury attorney, said he had been hired by Floyd’s family. “We all watched the horrific death of George Floyd on video as witnesses begged the police officer to take him into the police car and get off his neck,” Crump said in a statement. […]

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Virgin Orbit Analyzing Data To Find Cause Of Rocket Failure

Virgin Orbit engineers were analyzing data Tuesday to find out what caused the maiden flight of its air-launched satellite booster to fail. The problem occurred soon after the LauncherOne rocket was released Monday from a Boeing 747 jetliner off the Southern California coast and its first stage motor ignited. The launch was not terminated by the autonomous flight safety system, which would have been triggered if the rocket left its flight corridor, said Kendall Russell, Virgin Orbit’s spokesman. “So the engineers are diving into the data now to determine the source of the anomaly,” he said in an email. The payload for the demonstration flight was essentially a dummy satellite that was supposed to be placed in low Earth orbit. Virgin Orbit, founded by billionaire Richard Branson, is among several new companies developing rockets specifically for launching small satellites. While others are using conventional launch pads, the Long Beach, California-based company’s air launch system would allow it to operate around the world from airports capable of handling a 747, putting satellites into orbit when and where a customer chooses. Virgin Orbit’s highly modified jumbo jet, dubbed Cosmic Girl, took off from Mojave Air and Space Port in the desert north of Los Angeles and headed out over the Pacific just beyond the Channel Islands where it flew an oval-shaped flight path known as “the racetrack.” According to Virgin Orbit, LauncherOne’s computer takes control a few minutes before the final countdown and a maneuver in which the jet pitches up steeply and releases the rocket at an altitude of about 35,000 feet (10,668 meters). The jet banks away and the rocket falls for a few seconds before ignition. The company said there was a “clean release” and the engine fired as planned. What happened next remains to be determined. Chief Executive Officer Dan Hart said in a statement there was a “treasure trove” of data from flight instruments. “Our next rocket is waiting,” he said. “We will learn, adjust, and begin preparing for our next test, which is coming up soon.” The company has six rockets under construction. SpaceX founder Elon Musk, whose company is preparing to launch two NASA astronauts to the International Space Station aboard a Falcon 9 rocket this week, sent a sympathetic tweet to Virgin Orbit after word of the failure. “Sorry to hear that. Orbit is hard. Took us four attempts with Falcon 1,” he wrote. (AP)

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Please help families affected by the Corona virus

The critical situation we are all in, has created a new era where many previous donors are now in desperate need, and we need to help them too.Families that their father is sick can not survive and are calling out for your help! Who will take care of them? CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW The קופת צדקה ״פנינת צדיק״ was created 10 years ago by the Spinke Rebbe Shlit”a, as a mission to help many families that are collapsing under the daily burden. The organization helps in many ways:– Financial help for families in need.– Kimpeturin assistance.– Special Yom Tov assistance for large families.– Food distribution for families in need. CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW Baruch Hashem the dedicated volunteers were able to help many families, and to get them back on their feet, but recently with the current situation they were forced to go in to the Rebbe and ask for guidance on how to proceed.The Rebbe immediately started an urgent campaign to save these family lives, and the Rebbe is following and guiding each step of the process. CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOWAdopt your family! And be Zoche to many ישועות! CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW

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