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Tax Authority Accuses Jerusalem Matzeivos Company of Tax Evasion

Two partners in a gravestone company are suspect of defrauding the Israel Tax Authority out of NIS 10,000 a month, which they divided between them.

According to the Israel Tax Authority report, two partners in the Jerusalem marble company that produces matzeivos in Jerusalem, were arrested on suspicion of tax fraud amounting to hundreds of thousands of shekels.

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Hamas Head: “We’ll Bomb Tel Aviv For 6 Mths., Benny Gantz Will Regret The Day He Was Born”

Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar on Monday threatened to relentlessly attack Tel Aviv, turning Israeli cities into “ghost towns” if Israel dares to attack Gaza.

Sinwar continued his threat by warning that “Hamas has enough missiles to launch rockets into Tel Aviv and cause red alert alarms for six months straight.”

Sinwar’s remarks were prompted by Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz’s statements following a barrage of at least 10 rockets from the Gaza Strip on Israel’s south on Friday night, in which a home in Sderot suffered a direct hit.

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Trump, Cuomo, Spar Over New York’s Bail Reform Law

President Donald Trump isn’t a fan of New York’s new bail reform law, which will curtail the number of people jailed while awaiting trial.

The president tweeted Tuesday that New York’s Democratic governor and mayor “are letting out 900 Criminals, some hardened & bad onto the sidewalks of our rapidly declining” city.

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DEVELOPING: Major Security Incident At Amsterdam Schiphol Airport; Possible Hostage Situation

There is a massive police response at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Officials are calling the incident a “suspicious situation.”

First responders issued a ‘Grip 3 report,’ which is “an incident or serious event with major consequences for the population.”

According Schiphol’s Twitter account, The Dutch Royal Military Police are looking at “a situation on board of a plane at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.”

The incident is reportedly taking place on board Air Europa flight UX1094 to Madrid that had been due to take off this evening.

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Senator Simcha Felder To Mayor DeBlasio: STOP LYING!

Senator Felder is calling on Mayor de Blasio to keep his promise to parents of special needs children.

“In 2014, the Mayor held a press conference where he laid out his commitment to ‘reduce litigation, streamline paperwork, and ensure parents have a responsive and efficient process to meet their child’s special education needs,’ “these are the Mayor’s words and we are holding him to them,” Senator Felder told YWN.

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