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UK: Anti-Semitism Charges Leveled At Labour Party’s Corbyn

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s election campaign was hit Thursday by renewed claims that he is not fit to lead the country because of his tolerance of anti-Semitic attitudes.

The criticism came from a former member of the Labour Party’s inner circle who took the extraordinary step of urging British voters to instead elect Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson — Corbyn’s main rival — and from an influential Jewish newspaper that urged Britons not to back Corbyn in the country’s Dec.

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Chicago’s Top Cop Retiring After Turbulent 3-Plus Years

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson will announce on Thursday that he will retire after more than three years as the city’s top cop, a post he took over during one of the most violent chapters in the city’s history and amid public outcry over the release of a video showing an officer shooting a black teen 16 times.

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Interview With BSD Quality Electric and Plumbing

Interviewer: Reuven, what inspired you to become an electrician and plumber?

Reuven: It started way back as a child, when my father, a chashuve mechanech, raising a large family ke”h, needed work to get done in the house, but couldn’t afford to hire plumbers and electricians to do the work, had us help him get it all done.

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Israel: Training Foreign Workers To Be Initial Responders During Medical Emergencies

A new project has been created by United Hatzalah, together with HaKeren, the Israel Foreign Workers Fund, that will significantly contribute to saving more lives. The project aims to train foreign workers located in Israel who work in the field of geriatric and home care, to provide immediate first aid treatment to the people they care for should a medical emergency occur.

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