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Who’s Your Hero?

Hero.  A person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.   Kapayim heroes.  Individuals who are admired and idealized for courage, outstanding achievements and noble qualities. Who are the Kapayim heroes? The young, and not- so – young patients who face the most excruciating pains and procedures with smiles, with strength, with determination to win.   Parents who need to relinquish their pride and reach out for help with their children, with their homes, with the most basic of needs. And the volunteers.  The most amazing, dedicated men and women. Kapayim believes illness should not shatter families.  Our team of more than 800 volunteers provide customized solutions tailored to suit the individual needs of each family in medical crisis.  This total care is provided in the hospitals, at the patients’ home, or at our 3 centers located in Boro Park, Williamsburg, and Monsey. The Kapayim hospital heroes arrive to the patient’s bedside with bags loaded with age-appropriate educational material, toys, games, and crafts, suited to the child’s preference and ability.  Along with pre-ordered gourmet meals, snacks and drinks for the patient and the family.   The Kapayim home heroes provide the routine and normalcy in the home, so that the regular can continue as seamlessly as possible.  Fresh delicious meals, household help, tutors, and babysitters are also provided for each family in medical crisis, based on their need.   The Kapayim Center Heroes are a lively bunch who provide the joy, and the drive to continue for hundreds of children.  Pediatric patients use the “cabin” as it is affectionately known, as an “escape room” on their days off from treatment.  They come to learn, laugh and play and be just like other kids. The patients’ siblings and children of patients, use this haven as an after school program where they revel in the weekly themed activities, the homework program, and the communal suppers.   Every one of the Kapayim individuals are our heroes.  The children. The parents. The selfless volunteers. And you. Yes you. Klal Yisroel.  You are the ones who support the heroes and cheer them on.   Today, you will have the opportunity to pay tribute to the Kapayim unsung heroes.  Who daily, and discreetly, assist families in medical crisis in whatever way possible, to help alleviate the burden and pain of medical illness. Help us continue to help them.  Donate Now to the $750k  Urgent Campaign To donate: Please click HERE or call 718-831-6895

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Deval Patrick, Last Black Candidate In 2020 Race, Drops Out

Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, the last remaining African American candidate in a Democratic presidential field once defined by its diversity, ended his 2020 campaign Wednesday after his late bid failed to catch fire or resonate with voters. “The vote in New Hampshire last night was not enough for us to create the practical win at the campaign’s back to go on to the next round of voting.” Patrick said in a statement. Patrick came in second-to-last in New Hampshire on Tuesday with just over 1,200 votes, after ignoring Iowa and focusing most of his time and resources on the first primary. His decision leaves just one other candidate of color, Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, a Samoan American, in the Democratic contest. It brings the number of Democrats in the presidential primary race to eight. Patrick launched his bid for president in mid-November but failed to register in polling and fundraising and never made it onto a presidential debate stage. Patrick raised just $2.2 million in the final six weeks of last year, and while a super PAC created to support his bid committed nearly that much to advertising in the early primary states last month, Patrick still barely registered in New Hampshire. He blamed in part what he characterized as a media narrative created around his late entry in the race. “I’ve met many people on the campaign trail who lament how they wished I had entered the race sooner,” he said in a statement. “We cannot keep mistaking media narratives for political outcomes. Political outcomes are entirely up to voters,” he said. It’s a disappointing finish for someone who, in part because of his rhetorical skills, has long drawn comparisons to former President Barack Obama. The two men are personally close and Patrick counts some of Obama’s aides and donors as part of his own inner circle. Valerie Jarrett, one of Obama’s closest advisers, was one of Patrick’s most prominent supporters. But Obama has largely avoided wading into the race, and Patrick said throughout the primary that he didn’t expect the former president to provide a boost to his bid. Patrick hoped that by focusing on New Hampshire, the familiarity of a neighboring state would help boost his chances in the race. He offered what aides felt was a unique message in a field that ultimately boiled down largely to career politicians with little executive or private sector experience: that he had the track record as governor and through years of business experience to deliver on Democratic priorities like fighting climate change and reforming health care. But another New England Democrat, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, won the state. Also, Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, emerged as the leading moderate, winning many of the same centrist voters Patrick had sought. On the campaign trail, Patrick made a case for compassionate capitalism, the idea that businesses and government can work together in service of public good, and he drew on his time working for Bain Capital developing businesses that promote positive social change as evidence. While some donors and moderate Democrats said both his message and the messenger were sorely needed, in a primary season dominated by progressives’ calls to break up big corporations and expand government aid programs, Patrick’s arguments seemed to fall flat with […]

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Fallen Jewish American World War ll Soldiers Finally To Be Buried Under Star Of David

Some 75 years later – after a series of recent serendipitous moments and intensive research – five fallen Jewish American soldiers from World War II finally will be buried beneath a Star of David. The unique re-naming ceremony is slated to take place in Manilla, Philippines, on Wednesday – coordinated by the American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC) and the founders of Operation Benjamin. The Latin cross headstones adorning the graves of five U.S. soldiers buried in the Manila American Cemetery and Memorial will be replaced with the Star of David. “We wanted to bring truth to the historical record. Amid a time of rising anti-semitism, it is important that when someone visits the cemetery that they see the physical manifestation of the Jewish men who bled and fought and died for the United States,” Operation Benjamin founder Shalom Lamm told Fox News. “The symbolism is important; these were people who were born as Jews, lived as Jews, and died as Jews. That heritage was important to them and their families.” There are numerous reasons why a Jewish service member during the Second World War may not have been recognized as such on initial and then permanent burial – everything from clerical errors to personal omission to reduce the risk of persecution should they be captured by the enemy. Often, Jewish soldiers had to quickly deface the “H” for Hebrew on their “dog tags” so as to not make themselves susceptible to Nazi targeting. On other occasions, it was a miscalculation that can only be contributed to the fog of war, the chaos and confusion, or because loved ones left behind did not have the money or means to correct the mistake. Representatives of four of the five fallen will take part in the historic ceremony, along with blessings from the U.S. and Israel ambassadors to the Philippines. Together they intend to recite the Mourner’s Kaddish at each of the graves, Lamm said. READ MORE: FOX NEWS

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Company Efforts To Stamp Out Tobacco Often Go Up In Smoke

U-Haul has an unusual wellness goal for 2020: hiring fewer smokers. The truck rental company said in January it will stop hiring people who use tobacco or nicotine products in the 21 U.S. states where it is legal to do so. Executives said the new policy, which takes effect this month, is expected to the cut company costs by improving the health of U-Haul’s 30,000-person workforce. Screening new hires for tobacco use is rare. But employers have long used financial penalties and perks to try to reduce the financial toll of tobacco-related diseases, such as cancer, heart disease and stroke. Those carrots and sticks are part of most corporate wellness programs, which also typically aim to encourage workers to exercise, lose weight and control diseases like diabetes. In recent years, researchers have begun rigorously studying the programs. The results show little evidence that wellness plans improve employee health or lower health care costs. CIGARETTE EXPENSES Smoking-related medical expenses add nearly $170 billion a year to employer and government medical expenses, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Employers also lose $156 billion in lost productivity due to smoking and related health issues. Roughly 70% of large employers offer programs to help employees quit smoking as part of their health coverage. The gold-standard approach involves counseling sessions and nicotine gums, patches and medications to control cravings. One fourth of large firms add another penalty to push smokers to quit: an extra charge on their health premiums. The fee usually amounts to about $600 a year for workers, according to survey data from consultant Mercer, which designs corporate health and wellness plans. About 10% of employers provide other incentives, such as points that can be redeemed for prizes. WELLNESS RETURNS? Despite an estimated $8 billion spent on wellness programs annually, experts say they haven’t been shown to deliver the long-term benefits promised. “There isn’t any evidence that these programs actually result in people smoking less or eating less or exercising more,” said Karen Pollitz, who studies insurance and health plans at the Kaiser Family Foundation. “Some studies have picked up short-term improvements, but nothing sustained.” Although many employers report cost-savings from wellness programs, researchers say those results are likely skewed because healthier workers are more likely to participate in the programs, boosting positive results. A randomized 4,000-patient study published last year in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that employees enrolled in wellness programs showed no major improvements in health status or health care spending after 18 months, compared with employees who didn’t participate. An earlier study by researchers at the think tank Rand Corp. estimated wellness programs targeting lifestyle improvements generate an average savings of about $157 per employee. Those savings were almost completely wiped out by the programs’ cost: $144 per person. Supporters of wellness programs counter that it may take three to five years or more to see a return on investment. For example, tobacco-related diseases can take decades to develop. “It takes time to find the benefits of those things and to translate them into avoided health care costs,” Steven Noeldner, a Mercer executive. EMPLOYEE IMPACT Some researchers have theorized that the savings reported from wellness plans may simply come from shifting insurance costs onto less healthy workers. In this scenario, workers who pay […]

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4th Annual Educators’ Conference About 2Gs Expected to Attract Several Hundred Participants

Holocaust Educators’ Conference 2020 Deborah Schechter The children of Holocaust survivors are often known as 2Gs or second-generation survivors.  Nowadays, many in the 2G generation — the current bearers of the Holocaust legacy — have conscientiously accepted upon themselves the task of ensuring that the memory of the spiritual and physical courage of their survivor parents is not forgotten. Eli Wiesel once said in an interview,” ‘I believe a person who listens to a witness becomes a witness.” And yet, within our immediate communities, nobody has, to date, addressed the legacy, the contributions, and the experiences of 2Gs from the perspective of the melding of both the academic and the personal viewpoints. Generally speaking, it has always been one perspective, or the other. However, Project Witness thinks differently and recognizing the need to combine both perspectives, Project Witness decided to undertake an original project—a conference that would present the best academic researchers available who will share with the audience the latest research into the 2G phenomenon, cojoining with well-known social service professionals who will address the personal and the emotional aspects of life as a 2G or 3G. This unusual combination of the salient aspects of the intellectual roots and the personal worlds of the 2G will be evaluated in depth at the Project Witness Fourth Annual Educators’ Conference that will take place on February 16 and 17 at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Lower Manhattan. Click to learn more! In recent years, many 2Gs have been questioning the extent of the how and the why by which they are defined by their parents’ experiences, even if they did not undergo them personally. Scheduled just a few weeks after the 75th anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz, the conference will have many answers. It will offer educators, scholars, the children and grandchildren of survivors, and students two days of intensive academic and personal exploration of the topic “Two Gs —Witnesses to the Witnesses” a theme interconnected with the Holocaust and fading memories. Project Witness has prepared a rich program that will explore the latest research on the topic of 2Gs and more importantly, discuss the impact of the many contributions to our society made by 2Gs. Speakers at the conference include a stellar list of Torah and communal personalities, Holocaust researchers, scholars, and social services professionals. Those who attend will be privileged to hear Mrs. Ruth Lichtenstein, Dayan Chaim Kohn, Councilman Chaim Deutsch, Dr. Sharon Rais, Dr. Faye Zakheim, Dr. Hindie Klein, Dr. Toby Weiss, Dr. Natalia Aleksiun, Dr. Michael Berenbaum, Dr. Michal Shaul, Rebbetzin Esther Farbstein, Mrs. Shoshana Shenker, Dr. Irit Felsen, and Dr. Eva Fogelman. They will address a broad range of fascinating 2G-related topics designed to inspire us all (2Gs and non 2Gs alike) to accept the role of disseminating the legacy left to us by the valiant Holocaust survivors. While this is primarily a conference for educators, all topics that will be under discussion at the conference will most definitely be of consuming interest to 2Gs and 3Gs as well. Project Witness extends a warm invitation to children and grandchildren of survivors to join in this very special two-day event. We recommend early registration as a large audience is anticipated.  Click to learn more! In addition to the outstanding lineup of speakers, the two-day program […]

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NY Dems Mull Changes To Insane Bail Law

A state senator said Wednesday that some Democrats are considering a plan that would make changes to New York’s law that largely eliminated cash bail for misdemeanors and nonviolent felonies by giving more discretion to judges. State Sen. Todd Kaminsky, a Democrat of Long Island, said that the changes that the changes would totally eliminate cash bail but provide judges more power over which people can be held in jail. “It removes wealth from the system,” he said. For certain crimes, he said, a judge could consider whether the person arrested will cause serous physical injury and their likelihood to returning to court. Newsday reports the plan appears to have the support of Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins. “We believe that this gets to the heart of the issues and that it is still progressive,” she told the newspaper. The state’s bail law, which went into effect at the beginning of the year, eliminates cash bail for the wide majority of misdemeanors and nonviolent crimes but did not abolish the practice. Kaminsky said he was part of a working group on the issue, which took input from officials that included prosecutors and law enforcement officials. The bail law has spurred a fierce political debate in New York, often pitting criminal justice advocates against prosecutors and law enforcement officials. Democrats have come under intense criticism over the law, which has largely dominated conversations about criminal justice at the Capitol. The disagreement of the bail law has highlighted ideological splits between Democrats. More moderate members of the party want to rollback portions of the law. Meanwhile, liberal-leaning legislators have resisted. (AP)

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BAN TO END? NY Governor Cuomo To Meet Trump, Hopes To End Global Entry Ban

New York’s governor plans to propose to President Donald Trump that the state could share some driving records with federal immigration agencies if the administration reverses its move to block state residents from Global Entry and other programs that allow travelers to avoid long border security lines. Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he plans to meet with Trump on Thursday; the White House confirmed the meeting. Cuomo said he would only propose giving federal officials access to the state driving records of applicants to traveler programs who undergo a sit-down interview with federal officials and supply documents such as a passport. The governor’s comments in Wednesday radio interviews come a day after New York officials filed a lawsuit challenging the Department of Homeland Security’s move to block New York residents from “trusted traveler” programs, including Global Entry. Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Ken Cuccinelli announced last week that New Yorkers would no longer be allowed to enroll or re-enroll in the traveler programs. New York’s lawsuit claims the Trump administration’s decision was intended to punish the state for enacting a law that lets immigrants in the country illegally get drivers licenses and bars federal immigration agents from accessing state motor vehicle records. But Cuccinelli said it was a necessary step because New York’s new law had endangered public safety by making it tougher for immigration and border agents to quickly confirm someone’s identification, check for fugitive warrants or see if a person has a criminal record. More than a dozen states have passed laws allowing people who are not legal U.S. residents to get driver’s licenses. Cuomo, a Democrat, called the Trump administration’s move “extortion” and an effort to punish New York for political purposes. Cuomo said that federal officials can access criminal records from the FBI. State driving records can contain lower-level driving violations. New York’s DMV database now includes people who are in the U.S. illegally but who have driver’s licenses. Cuomo said he believes Trump simply wants access to records on those people, so federal immigration officials can have a “feeding frenzy.” He noted that people who are in the U.S. illegally couldn’t apply for the “trusted traveler” programs anyway because it would be tantamount to turning themselves over to federal agents. “I will never give them access to the DMV database,” Cuomo said. “And I think that’s what they really want.” The governor said he’s calling the Trump administration’s “bluff.” “Because if they don’t accept this, then what they’re admitting is they’re just playing politics,” Cuomo said. White House spokesman Hogan Gidley said Wednesday that the president simply wants to keep Americans safe. He said that New York City residents understand the importance of ensuring people have proper identification when they enter the country in light of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the city. “I hope that Gov. Cuomo can work with the president and come forward with some type of solution that allows the federal government to do its main function, which is to protect all Americans and their families,” Gidley said. (AP)

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Coronavirus Has Many U.s. Firms Waiting For Products To Ship

When the factory in China that makes Romy Taormina’s anti-nausea wristbands closed for the Lunar New Year in late January, she expected production to resume by early this month. But many factories across China are still closed to try to limit the spread of the coronavirus, leaving business owners in limbo. “There’s no guarantee now when they’re going to be up and running,” says Taormina, who’s counting on a shipment of her Psi Bands to meet an increase in orders from Target stores. Many U.S. small business owners are facing a shortage of products or components because suppliers, who closed for the weeks-long New Year holiday, remain shut due to the virus that has killed more than 1,100 people. Even owners who stocked up in advance of the holiday are worried about a prolonged outbreak, looking for alternate ways to fill orders and even considering moving their manufacturing to another country. It has been hard for U.S. businesses to get information about how long the closings might last. After hearing rumors for a week, Taormina found out only this past Monday from her manufacturer that it was closed and didn’t know when it would reopen. The factory closed Jan. 18 and had expected to get back to work Feb. 2. Taormina keeps an extra six weeks of inventory on hand for emergencies. But it can take six weeks for shipments to travel by sea and make it through customs. If factory shutdowns are prolonged, “it’s going to be a tight squeeze,” says Taormina, whose company is based in Pacific Grove, California. Eugene Nadyrshin has been meeting with manufacturers in the Silicon Valley to build prototypes for the computer and electronics hardware he can’t get from China. He realized around Jan. 26 that he needed to find an alternate way of getting the prototypes; his clients need them in order to decide whether to go forward with production. “We have some facilities ourselves but often involve other factories for specialized components,” says Nadyrshin, co-founder of San Francisco-based CAD It App. He wants to avoid his customers growing impatient and taking their business elsewhere. The worry for businesses is that it’s impossible to know how long the wave of illnesses will last. The SARS virus that first appeared in China in 2002 caused a global epidemic that didn’t end until July 2003, according to the World Health Organization. Scott Thompson’s suppliers in China make ribbon and other components for the hoodies and other garments his company, The Saints Sinphony, assembles in San Diego. He’s worried about meeting deadlines to ship goods to his retail customers; he must ship in June so stores will have merchandise ready for the colder weather. “They need them to be delivered by a certain time, or otherwise they’ll cancel,” Thompson says. “If we get stuck with the extra product, I could lose a lot of money.” Thompson is considering moving production to Turkey, where he has also used factories. But the process of switching to a new manufacturer takes time, with samples going back and forth between the factory and his company; at a minimum it takes 30 days. If China’s factories aren’t producing again in three to four weeks, Thompson says he may have no choice but to make a change. Sam Jackson doesn’t have that […]

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Inside Mike Bloomberg’s Big Play For Black Voters

A meeting with nearly 80 black pastors in Detroit. A speech before a black Democratic organization in Montgomery. A rally at a historically black university. A tour of Martin Luther King Jr.’s church. An early voting kickoff at an African American museum. All in the past two weeks. While Mike Bloomberg’s rivals battled it out in majority-white Iowa and New Hampshire, the billionaire presidential candidate aggressively courted the black voters critical to any Democrat’s chance of winning of the nomination. The effort, backed by millions of dollars in ads, has taken him across Southern states that vote on March 3, from Montgomery, Alabama, and this week Raleigh, North Carolina, and Chattanooga, Tennessee, states where African American voters can decide a Democratic primary. His pitch is one of electability and competence — hoping to capitalize on black Democrats’ hunger to oust President Donald Trump. But as he courts black voters he’ll also have to reconcile his own record as mayor of New York and past remarks on criminal justice. Bloomberg’s outreach aims squarely at former Vice President Joe Biden, who is banking on loyal black voters to resuscitate his bid after poor showings in Iowa and New Hampshire. “Who can beat Donald Trump? That’s what people care about,” said former Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, who is among the black leaders endorsing Bloomberg. Nutter says Bloomberg’s record of accomplishments outweighs the damage of flawed policing. Bloomberg has no doubt been helped by his limitless financial resources and his strategy to focus on states conducting primaries on Super Tuesday. One of the world’s richest men thanks to a net worth of roughly $60 billion, Bloomberg has spent more than $300 million of his own money on advertising, including spots on black radio stations, a Super Bowl ad that featured an African American mother who lost her son to gun violence and a national ad touting his work with President Barack Obama on gun legislation and a teen jobs program. He’s also racked up endorsements from African American mayors and held events with key figures in the black community, including a meeting with black pastors in Detroit and a speech at an Alabama Democratic luncheon. Much of the outreach has been aimed at middle-age and older voters, who turn out more reliably, and appeals to a sense of pragmatism. Bloomberg may not be the candidate you know best, the campaign argues, but he’s the best poised to beat Trump. On Wednesday, Georgia Rep. Lucy McBath endorsed him, citing his record on gun violence prevention. McBath ran for Congress in 2018 after her teenage son was shot to death in a car over a dispute about loud music. She was the first Democrat elected to her seat since 1979. A recent poll shows signs of success for Bloomberg. The Quinnipiac University poll conducted after the Iowa caucuses found Bloomberg with 15% support nationally, up from 8% in a late-January poll. That put him about even with Biden and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and slightly ahead of Pete Buttigieg, who essentially tied with Sanders in last week’s Iowa caucuses. The poll showed Sanders leading, with 25% nationally. During a recent rally at historically black Alabama State University, Bloomberg drew several hundred people, who chanted “I like Mike!” and prompted a dry response from the understated candidate. […]

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Impasse At Jewish Museum In Warsaw Approaches Resolution

A stalemate over the future of Warsaw’s landmark Jewish history museum moved closer to a resolution on Wednesday after the former director – who won a competition for a second term but whom Poland’s populist government refused to reinstate – offered to stand aside. The government had made clear that it would never allow Dariusz Stola, director of the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews from 2014-2019, to resume his leadership at the acclaimed institution. That prompted museum board members, donors and other partners to agree informally on Wednesday to support Stola’s former deputy and now acting director, Zygmunt Stepinski, as his replacement. They felt the choice would be acceptable to the government and still allow the institution to maintain its independence. That step came after Stola announced Tuesday that he was giving up on being director of the museum to prevent any further damage. The impasse over the leadership of the museum has dragged on for nearly a year, creating anxieties about the future of one of the world’s most prominent Jewish museums. The museum — which tells the 1,000-year history of Jewish life in Polish lands — was seen as a symbol of how a newly democratic Poland sought from the 1990s to revive the Jewish civilization that was nearly destroyed by Nazi Germany. Under creation for two decades, it opened in 2013 and its permanent exhibition in 2014. Today its troubles are a sign of how much has changed under a populist government willing to flout democratic norms — in this case its obligation to abide by the results of the competition that Stola won — and snub international partners. The greatest concern has been whether the museum would be able to independently decide on its programming under a conservative and nationalist government that has been placing loyalists at the helm of museums and other cultural institutes. The decision by the museum’s supporters to support Stola’s former deputy signaled a strategic shift from trying to save Stola’s job to preserving the independence of the institution. Poland’s chief rabbi Michael Schudrich, who was present at Wednesday’s meeting and had supported Stola, said: “We lost. …. But sometimes you lose in order to build further.” Emile Schrijver, chairman of the board of the Association of European Jewish Museums, called the situation “a clear case of political intervention in a museum that was very successful.” “Any museum should be an independent organization,” Schrijver, who is also general director of the Jewish Cultural Quarter and Jewish Museum in Amsterdam, told The Associated Press. “The fact that a democratic process is being frustrated by political opportunism is a disgrace.” In a country where most museums are fully state-controlled, POLIN is a unique private-public partnership with three co-founders who all still have a say in the museum’s management: the Culture Ministry, the city of Warsaw and a private Jewish historical association that represents private donors, among them many Americans. Stola is a distinguished historian who has managed the museum from 2014 until last year, a time when it won multiple awards and drew hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world each year. He enjoys the support of the city, which is led by a liberal opponent of the national government, and the many donors who consider him a world-class […]

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Bennett Backtracks, Cancels Administrative Order To Detain Eliah Ben David

Last Sunday, Eliah Ben-David was arrested by Israel’s Security Services and was issued an exceptional order prohibiting him from meeting an attorney. On Monday, after the investigation did not lead to findings, District Court Judge Ido Dorian Gamliel ordered his release from detention without any limiting conditions. Minutes after his release, Shin Bet forces arrived and took him into administrative detention based on an order signed by the Defense Minister Naftali Bennett. After hearing that Bennett signed the administrative order, MKs as well as many people from the right-wing public in Israel protested to the move by Bennett and applied pressure to him to get him to rescind the order and free Ben David. Attorney Adi Kedar of Honenu, a legal council organization that represents the boy, expressed shock over the conduct of the Shin Bet and the Minister of Defense. “The law enforcement system reached a low today, during a hearing in which the district court ordered the release of a suspect while criticizing police and the Shin Bet. “The police and Shin Bet, without notifying the court, which discussed the case and released the suspect, and notified him that it is releasing him – then go in the dark, in the inner rooms, literally kidnap him, and give him an administrative order written by no less than new Defense Minister Naftali Bennett, who also joins the same community of people who are being condemned from wall to wall in Israel – the law enforcement system, the Prosecutor’s Office, the police and the Shin Bet,” said Kedar, who made it clear that he would appeal to the court and demand that the situation be remedied. Due to the pressure, Bennett backtracked and rescinded the order placing Eliah in detention. Eliah, who’s family is well-known in his town of residence of Nof HaGalil, comes from a strong national-religious background. Bennett shocked many people when he signed the order to place  Eliah in administrative detention, and then surprisingly rescinded the order in less than 24 hours of its being issued. (YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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Fox News Has Best Ratings Since Trump Election, Inauguration

The week President Donald Trump was acquitted in his impeachment trial was Fox News Channel’s best in the ratings since the weeks he was elected and inaugurated. The Nielsen company said Fox News averaged 4.27 million viewers in prime time last week, better than any network except for ABC, which televised the Academy Awards, and CBS. It was the fifth most-watched week ever for Fox’s prime-time schedule, and highest since election week 2016, Nielsen said. The only other times Fox topped that mark came during two weeks in March 2003, during the Iraq War, and the August week in 2015 when the network showed the year’s first Republican debate — the first one Trump participated in. Measuring the entire day instead of just the evening hours, it was Fox’s best week since January 2017, when Trump took office. Fox News is Trump’s favorite network, although he’s grumbled when there are some things on the air that aren’t to his liking, and the destination of choice for his supporters, too. Besides his impeachment acquittal last week, Trump delivered a State of the Union address highly regarded by his fans, and the Iowa caucus turned into a dysfunctional mess for Democrats. Led by Sean Hannity’s average of 4.9 million viewers, it was the most-watched week ever for all three of Fox’s prime-time opinion shows, Nielsen said. “Tucker Carlson Tonight” averaged 4.7 million viewers, and “The Ingraham Angle” had 4.1 million viewers. Of the 40 most-watched programs on cable television last week, 39 were on Fox News — with one lonely Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC the exception. ABC topped the broadcasters in prime time with an average of 7.7 million viewers, despite the lowest-rated Oscars broadcast of all time. CBS averaged 4.8 million viewers, NBC had 4.1 million, Fox broadcasting had 3.2 million, Univision had 1.4 million, ION Television had 1.3 million, Telemundo had 1 million and the CW had 640,000. After Fox News, the most popular cable networks in prime time were MSNBC with 1.59 million viewers, HGTV with 1.21 million, TLC with 1.16 million and CNN with 1.13 million. ABC’s “World News Tonight” led the evening news ratings race with an average of 9.2 million viewers. NBC’s “Nightly News” was second with 8.3 million and the “CBS Evening News” had 6.1 million. For the week of Feb. 3-9, the most popular shows, their networks and viewerships: 1. “The Oscars,” ABC, 23.57 million. 2. “Live From the Red Carpet” (7:30 to 8 p.m. Eastern), ABC, 11.91 million. 3. “State of the Union,” Fox News, 11.68 million. 4. “State of the Union Analysis” (10:25 to 10:32 p.m. Eastern), Fox News, 11.67 million. 5. “Live From the Red Carpet” (7 to 7:30 p.m.), ABC, 9.33 million. 6. “State of the Union Preview,” Fox News, 9.3 million. 7. “Young Sheldon,” CBS, 8.99 million. 8. “Chicago Med,” NBC, 8.67 million. 9. “Chicago Fire,” NBC, 8.19 million. 10. “Democratic Presidential Debate,” ABC, 7.87 million. 11. “State of the Union Democratic Response,” Fox News, 7.65 million. 12. “The Masked Singer,” Fox, 7.46 million. 13. “State of the Union Analysis” (10:44 to 11 p.m.), Fox News, 7.21 million. 14. “Chicago PD,” NBC, 7.15 million. 15. “America’s Got Talent Champions,” NBC, 6.74 million. 16. “Hawaii Five-0,” CBS, 6.69 million. 17. “Bull,” CBS, 6.48 million. 18. “911: Lone Star,” Fox, […]

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Texas: There’s A New Sheriff In Town – And He’s Wearing A Kippah

San Antonio, the oldest municipality in Texas, is known for its deep history and culture. It was part of the Spanish Empire when it was first settled, and later, the Mexican Republic. Now the seventh-largest city in the United States, with more than 1.5 million residents, it’s home to an estimated 10,000 Jewish residents, one of the largest Jewish communities in Texas. Growing up in a suburb of the city, Seth Frydberg—Bexar County’s newest deputy sheriff and the first to proudly wear a kippah with his uniform—says he spent many summers enjoying Camp Gan Izzy. A former student at Chabad’s Gan Gani preschool—his mother, Sandy, made sure to enroll him in all of Chabad’s children’s programs—and now involved with Chabad Young Professionals of San Antonio, the 22-year-old recalls the spirit of his childhood years at summer camp. “There was a song we’d sing over and over,” he recalls, “ ‘I’m a Jew and I’m proud and I’ll sing it out loud … .’ ” Frydberg tells that his Jewish pride is an inheritance. His parents, Felix and Sandy Frydberg, became fully observant as active members of San Antonio’s Chabad community. His grandparents, Moshe and Esther Chana Frydberg, were born in Lodz, Poland, home to the second-largest pre-war Jewish community in Eastern Europe. They were both survivors of Auschwitz, where Moshe lost his first wife and a son. The couple met and married after being liberated 75 years ago from the death camp by the Red Army in January of 1945, settling in post-war Munich, Germany. In Munich, they began building a Jewish family in the shadow of the crematoria and death marches. Their two oldest children were born there, a German city whose post-war Jewish community had been reduced to a small group of survivors. After moving on to Israel, Seth’s grandparents finally settled in San Antonio, where their youngest child, Seth’s father, Felix, was born. “It wouldn’t have been in their imagination to have grandchildren like they have,” says Felix Frydberg, who in addition to his son, the new sheriff’s deputy, has a daughter who is a veteran of the Israel Defense Forces. “Protecting the community while representing the Jewish community. To say they would enjoy nachas is an understatement!” “My grandparents were forced to wear a Jewish star on their chest,” Seth Frydberg tells, “and I have the privilege to work for law enforcement with a badge on my chest.” In early January, Frydberg graduated from the Bexar County Sheriff’s Academy as a sheriff’s deputy, proudly displaying his kippah at the graduation ceremony. Before administering the oath, Sheriff Javier Salazar made it a point to refer to Frydberg. “I’ve got cadet Frydberg, who’s a grandson of two Holocaust survivors, who, for the first time that I know of is actually wearing a yarmulke with his uniform,” said Salazar. Noting the diverse makeup of Bexar County, Salazar said: “We want to be reflective of the community that we serve.” Amid a recent uptick of anti-Semitic violence in the United States, a nation where millions of Jews had arrived fleeing the pogroms and massacres of 19th- and 20th-century Europe, Frydberg feels that wearing his kippah broadcasts a message of support. “A big part of why I wanted to wear the kippah is to let Jewish people know that […]

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Rabbi Berland To Undergo Bypass While In Police Custody

Just three days after his arrest, the head of the Shuvu Banim Cult, Rabbi Eliezer Berland, was set to undergo bypass surgery today in the hospital. A few days prior to his recent arrest, Berland underwent a series of tests at Shaare Zedek in Yerushalayim, and according to those close to him, he will be undergoing bypass surgery on Wednesday. Berland was remanded into police custody until Thursday by a Jerusalem court. Police, however, will request an extension due to the extraordinary circumstances of the situation and the fact that they were not able to properly investigate Berland due to his hospital stay. (YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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FEAR SETTING IN: Israelis Quarantined On Japanese Ship: “We’re Scared, We Don’t Know How The Virus Is Transmitted”

Nicole Ben-David, 51, one of the 15 Israeli passengers on the “Diamond Princess,” the Japanese cruise ship which is being quarantined after a passenger was diagnosed with the coronavirus, was interviewed on Israeli radio on Wednesday morning. Ben-David is on the ship, which is anchored off Yokohama port near Tokyo, with nine other family members but right now she’s isolated in her room with her mother, Bruria Levi. A total of 174 people on the ship have been diagnosed with the coronavirus by Wednesday morning, including a quarantine official, and have been evacuated to local hospitals. Fortunately, the results of the test for the Israeli passenger who was suspected of having contracted the virus came back negative on Tuesday. “Today the captain announced that another 38 passengers are being evacuated,” Ben-David said. “The situation is beginning to be not so pleasant. We don’t feel at ease. People are very very worried about the increasing numbers [of people infected with the virus]. We don’t know if we’re going to get infected – from the workers or from the air or from the plumbing. We don’t how the virus is transmitted. Is it transmitted through the air or through saliva? We don’t know, we don’t have enough information.” Ben-David is on the 11th floor with her mother and her other relatives are on the 5th floor but they haven’t seen each other since last Tuesday evening since they’re isolated in their rooms. This week the captain is allowing the passengers of each room to go up to the deck for some air for an hour as long as they wear face masks and stay two meters away from other people. Ben-David and her mother went up to the deck but they ended up returning to their rooms after 20 minutes because they’re scared of catching the virus from other passengers despite the face masks. Their fear is compounded by the fact that no one really knows how the virus is transmitted. “We’re not sure that we’re really safe [from catching the virus],” Ben-David said. “No matter what precautions we take it doesn’t seem that we’re actually in quarantine.” Ben-David said that every passenger received a thermometer and are required to report their temperatures a few times each day. Waiters knock on their doors at mealtimes and hand them their meals wrapped in sterile packaging on trays. “The workers don’t enter the rooms or come in to clean, they don’t come close to us.” Earlier this week, Ben-David told Ynet that every Israeli passenger received a package from Chabad in Tokyo – from “Rav Mendy” – before Shabbos “with kosher meals, candles, wine for Kiddush and bread. It was very heart-warming but it also caused us to feel homesick.” Shalva Dahan, another Israeli passenger on the ship, told Walla earlier this week: “When I heard that an Israeli woman might be infected with the virus, I got depressed and cried. But I can’t let myself break down. It’s very difficult to be here but we don’t have a choice – this is the situation. We’re depressed but we can’t let ourselves fall apart. We’re scared that if we let ourselves collapse we won’t leave our beds. My children and grandchildren call every day and tell me they’re waiting for me to come home. […]

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Liska Rebbe Conducts Tu B’shvat Tisch in Toms River at home of Reb Shloimy Erenthal

Liska Rebbe Conducts Tu B’shvat Tisch in Toms River at home of Reb Shloimy Erenthal The Liska Rebbe conducted the Tu B’shvat Tish on Sunday night at the home of Reb Shloimy Erenthal in Toms River. Multitudes of residents from Toms River and Lakewood participated and basked in the warmth of the divrei torah delivered by the Rebbe who shared insights on the auspicious day and the traditional sherayim of fruits. The Tish featured the participation of Toms River rabbonim including HaRav Zalmen Gifter – Rov of Khal Nesivos Mordechai of Toms River, HaRavYechiel Malek – Rov of Kahal Levov of Toms River – Sgan Menahel of the Igud Harabanim, HaRav Yitzchok Mitnick – Founder of “Our Place”, HaRav Akiva Schreiber – Rov Khal D’Sharei Simcha of Lakewood.

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Sanders Edges Out Buttigieg To Win New Hampshire, As Klobuchar Surges To Third [DETAILS]

Bernie Sanders has won the New Hampshire Democratic primary by a margin of about 4,000 votes, or less than 2 percentage points, over Pete Buttigieg, according to an NBC News projection. Sanders, who represents neighboring Vermont, had been leading in the polls so his victory isn’t a surprise. Amy Klobuchar appeared to be holding third place. Trump campaign statement on New Hampshire Democrat primary: “The Democrat story in New Hampshire is the continued dominance of big government socialist policies and the success of their standard bearer, Bernie Sanders. No matter which Democrat eventually emerges from their months-long dumpster fire of a primary process, we know the contrast will be President Trump’s record of accomplishment and optimistic view of the future versus Democrats and their socialist, job-killing agenda.”

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China Still Mostly Closed Down As Virus Deaths Pass 1,000

The daily death toll in China from a new virus topped 100 for the first time, pushing the total fatalities above 1,000 Tuesday as the World Health Organization announced a new name for the disease caused by the virus. Despite the official end of the extended Lunar New Year holiday, China remained mostly closed for business as many remained at home, with some 60 million people under virtual quarantine. In Geneva, WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus announced a new name for the disease caused by the virus — COVID-19 — saying officials wanted to avoid stigmatizing any geographic location, group of people or animal that might be linked to the disease and to make it clear it was a new coronavirus discovered in 2019. “Having a name matters to prevent the use of other names that can be inaccurate or stigmatizing. It also gives us a standard format to use for any future coronavirus outbreaks,” the WHO chief said, adding that the name was agreed upon by officials at WHO, the World Organization for Animal Health and the Food and Agriculture Organization. Here are the latest developments: PROVINCIAL HEALTH OFFICIALS SACKED With the death toll reaching 1,016 in mainland China and no end in sight, heads are beginning to roll. While no central government-level officials have lost their jobs, state media reported Tuesday that the top health officials in Hubei province, home to the epicenter of Wuhan, have been relieved of their duties. No reasons were given, although the province’s initial response was deemed slow and ineffective. Speculation that higher-level officials could be sacked has simmered, but doing so could spark political infighting and be a tacit admission that the Communist Party dropped the ball. The virus outbreak has become the latest political challenge for the party and its leader, Xi Jinping, who despite accruing more political power than any Chinese leader since Mao Zedong, has struggled to handle crises on multiple fronts. These include a sharply slowing domestic economy, the trade war with the U.S. and push-back on China’s increasingly aggressive foreign policies. A total of 42,638 virus infections have been recorded on the Chinese mainland. MAJOR CHALLENGES AHEAD Zhong Nanshan, a leading Chinese epidemiologist, said that while the virus outbreak in China may peak this month, the situation at the center of the crisis remains more challenging. “We still need more time of hard working in Wuhan,” he said of the central Chinese city where the outbreak started. Speaking by teleconference to doctors in Wuhan, Zhong said the priority is to separate the infected from the healthy in their city. “We have to stop more people from being infected,” he said. “The problem of human to human transmission has not yet been resolved.” Without enough facilities to handle the number of cases, Wuhan has been building prefab hospitals and converting a gym and other large spaces to house patients and try to isolate them from others. RISKS OF RESTARTING BUSINESS The crossing of more grim thresholds has dimmed optimism that the near-quarantine of some 60 million people and other disease-control measures are working. The restart of business poses a risk of further spreading the virus, but China has little recourse, said Cong Liang, secretary general of the National Development and Reform Commission, the country’s main economic planning body. […]

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Na’ama Isaachar Neglects to Mention Netanyahu In Thank You Letter

Na’ama Issachar posted a thank-you letter on the Facebook page that revolved around the fight for her release. Na’ama’s letter read as follows: “I have been thinking for a number of days how it would be appropriate to say thank you to everyone, how I could appeal to everyone and say how much I thank you and how much I love I have for everyone? How could I thank everyone for their efforts, for all of the groups, the prayers, the worries, the letters, and the million other things that were done for me that I am not even aware of.” “There is a lot of gratitude that I have among the chaos. I knew in my heart that I wasn’t fighting alone. I am so grateful to be back in Israel, and the sheer amount of hugs and support I have received truly warms my heart. This would not have happened without you. I am very lucky to have a group of people who protected me when I was unable to do so for myself. You brought me home. I love you all and thank you all.” It is important to me to thank my family who led the fight and was with me every step of the way. I also want to thank everyone who took part in the endless efforts to bring me home. A big thank you to all of the artists, athletes, and influencers who supported my fight and took part in the various videos to raise awareness about it. A special thank you to all those who donated their own money to our crowd-sourcing campaign and to all of the activists on social media. I can only say thank you.” Many people on social media were outraged that the Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, was not mentioned in the thank you letter. The administrators of her page issued a statement in response that read: “Na’ama and her family wish to send a big thank you to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and to the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Netanyahu worked tirelessly in order to bring Na’ama back home and for this we thank him and we thanked him in every possible forum. This post by Na’ama was aimed at thanking the many activists who donated their time and money and formed the beating heart of the fight to bring her back home.” (YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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