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Hamas Claims Israeli Hostages Are Being Given Medications, Offers Zero Proof

Hamas is claiming – without providing a shred of proof – that it has begun giving necessary medications to the Israeli hostages still being held in Gaza, Qatar’s foreign ministry said on Tuesday. While Hamas’s word can be anything but trusted, the statement still marks the first acknowledgment of the successful execution of an agreement […]

NOT PULLING YOUR LEG: NYPD Finds Human Leg Along Subway Tracks In The Bronx

Items get lost all the time on New York City’s subway tracks, but those items are usually not human legs. The NYPD is conducting an investigation after a human leg was found abandoned on a subway track, triggering a wave of questions about its origins and the circumstances leading to its loss. The discovery was […]

HY’D: IDF Announces Death of Soldier Killed In Gaza; Ground-Op Death Toll Rises To 237

The IDF announced on Wednesday morning that an additional soldier lost his life while battling Hamas in Gaza. He has been identified as Staff Sgt. Avraham Wovagen HY’D, 21, of the Nahal Brigade’s 932nd Battalion, from Netanya. His death increases the number of IDF casualties since the ground war in Gaza began to 237 and […]

Many Small Business Owners See 2024 As A ‘Make Or Break’ Year, Survey Shows

About 40% of small business owners think 2024 will be a “make or break” year for their business, according to a survey by messaging service Slack. After several years of dealing with the pandemic, rising inflation and a tight job market, some small businesses — 32% of respondents — aren’t sure they’ll make it through […]

Ransomware Group LockBit Disrupted, 2 Arrested In Global Operation

Law enforcement agencies have infiltrated and disrupted LockBit, arresting two people involved with the prolific ransomware syndicate that has extracted $120 million from thousands of victims around the world, British, American and European officials said Tuesday. Britain’s National Crime Agency, or NCA, said it led an international operation targeting LockBit, which provides ransomware as a […]

White House Promises ‘Major Sanctions’ On Russia In Response To Alexei Navalny’s Death

The White House says it is preparing additional “major sanctions” on Russia in response to opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s death in an Arctic penal colony. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said Tuesday that the new package would be unveiled this Friday. He declined to detail the new actions, citing U.S. government policy, or share […]

MAILBAG: Awareness Is Great, But We Have To Actually Rectify The Wrong

Thank you for raising awareness about the important issue of reviews. If one looks online and sees the reviews written on our locally owned businesses, some of them are extremely biting and can really harm the frum owners’ parnassah. One negative review written in frustration can totally negate a whole bunch of positive reviews in […]

Enemy Drone Falls In Yard Of Regional Council Head In Northern Israel [Video]

A Hezbollah drone fell in the yard of Moshe Davidovich, the head of the Mateh Asher Regional Council in the western Galil near Akko in northern Israel on Tuesday afternoon. Davidovich, who last week warned the government to wake up following the Hezbollah attack on Tzfas, stated: “If this isn’t a war, then what is it? […]

Attacks On Ships And Drones Show Houthis Can Still Fight Despite US-Led Airstrikes

Despite a month of U.S.-led airstrikes, Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebels remain capable of launching significant attacks — just this week, they seriously damaged a ship in a crucial strait and apparently downed an American drone worth tens of millions of dollars. The continued assaults by the Houthis on shipping through the crucial Red Sea corridor […]

Russian Court Extends Pretrial Detention For American Reporter Accused Of Spying

A court in the Russian capital ruled Tuesday to keep Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich in custody pending his trial on espionage charges that he denies. The Moscow City Court rejected an appeal against Gershkovich’s detention filed by his lawyers, upholding an earlier ruling to keep him behind bars until the end of March. […]

Watch: Rav Breitowitz On The Devastating Oct 7th Loss Of A Hero

On Oct 7th, Naomi’s world crumbled. Her husband Aharon was shot that day by terrorists in his ambulance, saving lives with MDA.  Now, with 2 kids, she is left to pick up the pieces.  She NEEDS to rebuild her home. Please Help Her Find a Way Forward

Widow And Aides Of Assassinated Haitian President Indicted In His Killing

A judge in Haiti responsible for investigating the July 2021 assassination of President Jovenel Moïse has indicted his widow, Martine Moïse, ex-prime minister Claude Joseph and the former chief of Haiti’s National Police, Léon Charles, among others, according to a report obtained Monday. The indictments are expected to further destabilize Haiti as it struggles with […]

Study Of 100 Million People Who Got COVID-19 Vaccines Reveals Link To Adverse Effects

In a comprehensive research initiative undertaken by the Global COVID Vaccine Safety project, nearly 100 million vaccinated individuals were analyzed, confirming increased risks for specific adverse effects, including myocarditis and Guillain-Barré syndrome, associated with COVID-19 vaccines. The study encompasses data from 99,068,901 individuals across eight countries – Argentina, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, New Zealand, […]

The Air Force Knows What Failed In Deadly Osprey Crash, But Still Doesn’t Know Why

Air Force Special Operations Command said Tuesday it knows what failed on its CV-22B Osprey leading to a November crash in Japan that killed eight service members. But it still does not know why the failure happened. Because of the crash, hundreds of Osprey aircraft across the Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy have been […]

Telling Its Own Story: KnowUs Billboard Campaign Celebrates Jewish Education

Not content to have others tell their story, KnowUs, a project of Agudath Israel of America, has erected large billboards across the Manhattan skyline. The billboards, depicting a yarmulke-wearing teen and the words “Our boys will not be educated to hate America,” celebrate how American Orthodox Jewish children are taught to be upright, peaceful, and […]

Taiwan Protests After China Boards A Tourist Boat Near Kinmen Island

Taiwan on Tuesday protested China’s boarding of a tourist boat, as tensions rise around the Kinmen archipelago, which lies a short distance off China’s coast but is controlled by Taiwan. Taiwanese media reported the King Xia, carrying 11 crew and 23 passengers, was boarded by the Chinese coast guard for about 32 minutes on Monday. […]

Rabbi Dovid Cohen to Address End-of-Life Issues and Halacha

Harav Dovid Cohen Shlita will deliver a shiur on “End-of-Life Issues and Halacha” for medical professionals, pre-health students, and the public. Rabbi Cohen is the recipient of the Rabbi Raphael Zalman Levine Endowed Distinguished Talmudic Scholar Award presented by Touro University. The shiur will take place at Touro’s Lander College for Women, 227 West 60th […]