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Condemnation From Around The World to Trump Endorsing Israeli Control of the Golan Heights

From Syria to Turkey and beyond, President Donald Trump’s abrupt declaration that Washington will recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights drew strong condemnation on Friday.

The Syrian government called it “irresponsible” and a threat to international peace and stability, while Iran’s foreign ministry said it plunges the region into a new crisis.

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When it Comes to Crowdfunding, It’s Important to Do It Right

We recently encountered the following story on a WhatsApp group: an individual had raised over $15,000 for a cause with the help of a website they had built themselves. After working hard to raise the funds, they were informed that their actions were against the terms of service of the website and all those hard-earned funds were being refunded.

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WATCH: A Purim Likud Election Campaign Video

Prime Minister Netanyahu arrives at the Purim party, but the host, dressed as an Israeli astronaut, believes he is either Yair Lapid or Benny Gantz trying to impersonate Netanyahu.

Bibi then gets in a few lines to debunk the rotation agreement of the Blue & White party for the premiership, as well as that party’s attempt to dupe voters into believing they are not left-wing, and of course, reminding voters the nation’s economy has never been better.

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