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American Airlines Is Raising Bag Fees And Changing How Frequent-Flyer Points Are Earned

American Airlines is pushing customers to buy tickets directly from the airline if they want to earn frequent-flyer points, and it is raising the cost of checking bags. American announced Tuesday that most customers will have to buy tickets directly from the airline or its partner carriers if they want to earn points in its […]

IDF Launches Probe Into Its Operational Failures Leading Up To October 7 Massacre

IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi announced that the military will initiate an investigation into its operational failures leading up to the Hamas-led massacre on October 7. The investigation will involve high-ranking commanders across various units, signaling a comprehensive approach to identifying and rectifying the lapses. The investigation will encompass the Operations Directorate, Southern Command, […]

Argentina’s Poverty Levels Hits 57% Of Population, A 20-Year High

Poverty levels skyrocketed to 57.4% of Argentina’s 46 million people in January, the highest rate in 20 years, according to a study by the Catholic University of Argentina. The findings quickly unleashed accusations between Argentina’s former Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and the government of President Javier Milei, who came to power announcing a […]

IDF Withdraws 646th Brigade From Gaza, Signaling Nearing End Of Khan Younis Operations

The IDF says it recently completed the withdrawal of the 646th Brigade, their last reserve brigade, from the Gaza Strip, signaling the nearing end of its offensive in Khan Younis, a key focus of recent military efforts. The 646th Brigade, a reserve paratroopers unit, has been active in various parts of Gaza, including central regions […]

Help the Yeshiva in Saint Louis (MTI) Raise $1 Million in 33 Hours

GADLUSRealizing our Greatness. Reaching Higher. Click here to help MTI reach their goal of $1,000,000 in 33 Hours! Please invest in growth and gadlus by giving generously, enabling our talmidim to Realize their Greatness & Reach Higher on their path to GADLUS! With a student body from more than 40 cities across the United States, […]

Nikki Haley Can’t Win, But She’s Vowing To Keep Fighting Donald Trump

There are no wins on the horizon for Nikki Haley. Those close to the former United Nations ambassador, the last major Republican candidate standing in Donald Trump’s path to the GOP’s 2024 presidential nomination, are privately bracing for a blowout loss in her home state’s primary election in South Carolina on Saturday. And they cannot […]

Indiana Journalist Facing Prison For Threatening To ‘Kill Every Jew’ In Fort Wayne

A freelance reporter based in Fort Wayne, Indiana is facing up to five years in federal prison after allegedly threatening to “kill every Jew” in the city and “shoot every pro-Israel U.S. government official,” according to a federal affidavit filed in court last week. Jeffrey Stevens, 41, is charged with posting threats using interstate communications, […]

Honduran Ex-President Accused Of Running A ‘Narco-State’ Stands Trial In NYC

Former Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández was once touted by U.S. authorities as a key ally in the war on drugs. Now, federal prosecutors say the political leader ran his Central American nation as a “narco-state,” collecting millions of dollars from violent cartels to fuel his rise to power. Nearly two years after his arrest […]

Supreme Court Rejects Appeal From 3 GOP House Members Over $500 Mask Fines

The Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected appeals from three Republican U.S. House members who challenged fines for not wearing face coverings on the House floor in 2021. The justices did not comment on leaving in place $500 fines issued in May 2021 to U.S. Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, Thomas Massie of Kentucky and […]

A Yissachar-Zevulun Shutfus With Shas Yiden Is Mehadrin Min Hamehadrin

YERUSHALAYIM • BNEI BRAK • BEIT SHEMESH • BEITAR • KRIYAT SEFER  • LONDON THE UNIQUE SHAS YIDEN SYSTEM SHOWS RESULTS 160 DAYS MORE LEARNING per year than the average kollel! Learning 7 DAYS/WEEK incl. erev Shabbos & Shabbos, erev Yom Tov & Yom Tov Each avreich completes a A MINIMUM OF 13,555 DAF a year 45 DAF A DAY + RASHI + […]

TENSIONS GROW: Brazil Recalls Ambassador, FM Katz Slams Lula On Twitter

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva recalled his ambassador to Israel for “consultations” hours after he was publicly reprimanded by Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz at Yad Vashem. Additionally, Israeli Ambassador Daniel Zonshine was summoned for a reprimand in Rio de Janeiro. According to CNN Brasil, Foreign Minister Mauro Vieira spoke firmly but politely in […]

Hamas Planned To Storm Prison On Oct. 7 & Free Hundreds Of Terrorists

Hamas terrorists planned to storm an Israeli prison on October 7th and free hundreds of Palestinian security prisoners, the UK-based Arabic newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat revealed on Monday. According to the report, based on sources closely affiliated with Palestinian terror groups, the ambitious plan failed as the terrorists got lost on the way there due to […]

Putin Gifts Kim Jong Un A Luxury Limousine In Violation Of UN Sanctions

Russian President Vladimir Putin has gifted North Korean leader Kim Jong Un a Russian-made luxury limousine for his personal use, both countries announced Tuesday, in another sign of their expanding cooperation. Observers said the shipment violates a U.N. resolution that bans supplying luxury items to North Korea, in an attempt to pressure the country to […]

UNITED STATES OF CHINA: Noncitizen Sworn into San Francisco’s Elections Commission

San Francisco has welcomed Kelly Wong, a noncitizen immigrant from Hong Kong, into its Elections Commission – despite her own inability to vote legally in the United States. Wong is now the first noncitizen to serve on the commission, following the city’s decision in 2020 to eliminate the citizenship requirement for city boards, commissions, and […]

US Vetoes UN Resolution Demanding An Immediate Cease-Fire In Gaza

The United States vetoed an Arab-backed U.N. resolution Tuesday demanding an immediate humanitarian cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war in the embattled Gaza Strip. The vote in the 15-member Security Council was 13-1 with the United Kingdom abstaining, reflecting wide global support for ending the more than four-month war that started with Hamas’ surprise invasion of […]

WikiLeaks Founder Assange Faces His Last Attempt To Avoid Extradition To US

Julian Assange’s lawyers began their final U.K. legal challenge Tuesday to stop the WikiLeaks founder from being sent to the United States to face spying charges, arguing that his actions had exposed serious criminal acts by U.S. authorities and that he could face a “flagrant denial of justice” if he is extradited. Assange himself was […]

Zelensky Says Foreign Aid Delays Are Making Life ‘Very Difficult’ On The Front Line

Delays in weapons deliveries from Western allies to Ukraine are opening a door for Russian battlefield advances, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says, making the fight “very difficult” along parts of the front line where the Kremlin’s forces captured a strategic city last weekend ahead of the war’s two-year anniversary. Zelenskyy and other officials have often […]