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Thursday News Briefs From Israel: January 24, 2019

Due to an increase in tensions along the northern and southern borders, an Iron Dome unit has been placed in the Gush Dan region.

The IDF during the night arrested 19 PA (Palestinian Authority) residents suspected of involvement in acts of terrorism and/or violent confrontations against security forces.

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TWO PRESIDENTS IN VENEZUELA: Top Military Brass Vow To Back Maduro; USA Backs Guaido

Venezuela’s top military brass pledged their unwavering support for embattled President Nicolas Maduro on Thursday, delivering vows of loyalty before rows of green-uniformed officers on state television.

A half-dozen generals belonging largely to district commands and with direct control over thousands of troops joined Maduro in accusing the United States of meddling in Venezuela’s affairs and said they would uphold the socialist leader’s rule.

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GOP To Declare “Undivided Support” For Trump And His “Effective Presidency” Amid Political Turmoil From Shutdown

As President Donald Trump’s approval rating falls, the Republican Party is grasping him ever tighter.

Gathering in New Mexico, the Republican National Committee’s governing body will take the unusual step Friday of voting to declare the party’s “undivided support” for Trump and his “effective presidency.”

Amid concerns about the political fallout from the government shutdown and what might be ahead in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, the RNC move is an attempt to block another Republican from mounting a primary challenge that, even if unsuccessful, could damage Trump going into the general election.

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The Great Schnapps vs. Wine Wars: A Halachic Analysis

(By Rabbi Yair Hoffman for

It can be called the Great “Schnapps vs. Wine” Wars.

“Well, my father, and his father, had this minhag from Europe!”

“Yes, but the Mishna Brurah, holds that -”

“I don’t care what the Mishna Brurah says – that was written for those people without a family minhag!”

These arguments have been heard in shuls since this author was a child and probably long before that too.

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Lawsuit: United Covered Up ‘Terrifying’ Incident With Pilot Nearly ‘Sucked Out Of The Plane’

United Airlines on Wednesday was hit with a lawsuit by a passenger who claims he suffered bodily injuries and emotional distress from a “terrifying” incident last year, which “nearly resulted in the loss of all life aboard.”

California resident Theodore Liaw said his “close brush with death due to United’s negligence” caused him to suffer panic attacks when flying and seek psychotherapy.

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