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Israel To Offer Free Inter-City Travel to Voters on Election Day To Encourage People To Head To The Polls

Israel’s Central Elections Committee in cooperation with the Transportation Ministry has announced that they will offer free inter-city public transportation on election day across the country. The move is aimed at getting  more voters who live in different cities than where they are registered to still vote, and includes both busses and trains.

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Jerusalem Police Arrest A Jerusalem Drug Dealer Buying Narcotics With Forged Prescriptions

Jerusalem police arrested a suspect in a drugstore in the city center with fake narcotics prescriptions with which he purchased the drugs and is suspected of drug trafficking.

The police opened a covert investigation following information received that a person used to come to pharmacies in the center of the city with fake narcotic prescriptions in order to but narcotics.

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Gov. Cuomo: Democrats Can’t Just Be Anti-Trump, Need to Discuss ‘Merits’

Democrats cannot rely on investigations and impeachment to topple Donald Trump and must instead beat the Republican president “on the merits,” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday.

While the governor said ongoing state and federal investigations mean that Trump’s legal jeopardy is not over, Cuomo said it won’t be enough for his party to recapture the White House next year.

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