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TWITTER EXPLOSION: Yeger Slams Anti-Semites Omar And Sarsour, Says “Palestine” Doesn’t Exist; Politicians Demand Apology

Twitter exploded on Wednesday, after NYC Councilman Kalman Yeger responded to a tweet by Anti-Semite Ilhan Omar.

Omar tweeted: “At this year’s AIPAC conference, the topic PM Netanyahu chose to focus on was…me.”

Ilhan was referring to the part of Netanyahu’s speech that said “So I have a message to all the antisemites out there – whether they live in modern Persia, in the palaces of Tehran or the bunkers of Beirut; whether they march through the streets of Charlottesville or murder worshippers in a synagogue in Pittsburgh; whether they voice their hatred in political parties in Britain, or Europe, or the United States…

The Jewish people do not bow down.

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Bennet Has A ‘Biur Chametz’ Plan To Address The Hamas Regime In Gaza

The chairman of the New Right party, Minister Naftali Bennet, has made his ambitions known to voters ahead of elections, and he sees himself as Israel’s next Defense Minister. Bennet was a commander in the elite Sayeret Matkal Special Forces unit, and during Operation Protective Edge, in the summer of 2014, he was the audible voice of the Security Cabinet criticizing his colleagues publicly.

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Weeks Before Wedding, Devastating News

A Givat Ze’ev family was advised by rabbanim to publicize their story recently, after a shocking turn of events escalated their situation from difficult, to tragic.

The challenges began last year when 18-year-old Faigy Kochman, product of a happy, wholesome Brisk family, became engaged.

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Wednesday AM Election Polls Shows Blue & White Ahead On The Popular Vote

A poll released by Galei Tzahal (Army Radio) on Wednesday morning, March 27, 2019, shows the Blue and White party is maintaining its lead over Likud by two seats.

Blue and White 30
Likud 28
Labor 10
Hadash – Ta’al 8
Yahadut Hatorah 7
Shas 6
Meretz 5
United Right-Wing 5
New Right 5
Yisrael Beitenu 4
Kulanu 4
Gesher 4
Zehut 4

Who is more qualified to serve as prime minister between the two?

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