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NYPD: Man Brandishing Knife Shot And Wounded By Police

Police say officers shot and wounded a man who charged at them with a kitchen knife in Queens.

It happened in Bayside at about 3 p.m. Sunday after police say the man crashed his vehicle into a marked police vehicle parked in front of a police precinct, sprayed an accelerant fluid onto both vehicles and then set his own vehicle on fire.

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Agudah Live: Washington D.C. Office

Co-hosts R' Avi Schnall and R' Shai Markowitz are joined by R' Abba Cohen, Agudah's Vice President for Government Affairs and Director of the Washington D.C office. Topics covered include the history of the Washington D.C. office, how R’ Cohen works with people on both ends of the political spectrum, and whether politicians actually read the emails you send to their office.

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Only 3 slots left to join the (quick) Tefillah Trip to Lizhensk (Noam Elimelech) with Project Mesorah

There is still time for you to be in
Lizhensk for the Yahrtzeit of the Noam Elimelech, Rav Elimelech of
Lizhensk zt”l this Thursday. There are 3 slots left to join Project
Mesorah’s 2-day Tefillah trip to Lizhensk and we will also be visiting
over 10 other kivrei tzaddikim as well (including Reb Chaim Brisker,
Sfas Emes & Chiddushei Harim, The Remah, Rimnov, Tzans and more –
see full list in flyer below) in Poland. 

The entire trip is less than two full
days; the flight is leaving New York on Tuesday (3/26) late at night and
you will be back in New York on Thursday afternoon. This trip was
created for all who are in the need of tefillos and it is a very
auspicious time to daven for all personal requests at Lizhensk during
the yahrtzeit.

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