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Bloomberg Says Trump, ‘Cannot Be Helped’, Is ‘DANGEROUS’ For The Country

Potential Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg said Friday that Donald Trump’s presidency “cannot be helped” and was “dangerous” for the country.

The former New York City mayor also described the government shutdown, as “a complete failure of presidential leadership.”

The billionaire businessman said that for fellow New Yorker Trump, “the art of the deal is simply cheating people and not caring about how badly they get hurt and now he’s doing it to the American people.”

Bloomberg also told a meeting of the Democratic Business Council of Northern Virginia that he thinks “it’s clear that this president, at this point, cannot be helped.”

The remarks by Bloomberg, a former Republican who registered as a Democrat only last fall, were some of his toughest against Trump since Bloomberg’s speech to the Democratic National Convention more than two years ago.

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Motzei Shabbos News Round-Up From Israel

Security Forces eliminated two terrorists over the course of Shabbos. One terrorist was throwing stones at passing cars near Kfar Silwad just north of the Jewish town of Ofra. The second terrorist threatened the lives of IDF soldiers during the weekly Friday riots in the Gaza Strip.

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Conservatives Say Trump Caved, But Confident He’ll Get Wall

No retreat, no surrender is how President Donald Trump frames his decision to temporarily reopen the government while still pursuing a border wall deal.

Some of his conservative backers have a different take: “pathetic” and “wimp.”

Other Trump supporters seem willing to give Trump the benefit of the doubt, yet they insist that any ultimate government funding deal the president signs must include money for a wall.

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VIDEO/PHOTOS: MDA Leads A Multi-Casualty Incident Drill In Chile


Last month representatives of a Magen David Adom mission arrived to Santiago, the capital of Chile, in order to hold a joint drill of a multi-casualty incident * MDA Director-General Eli Bin: “I welcome every activity in which people donate their knowledge and experience people are benefit from , in Israel and abroad ”

At the initiative of the Israeli Embassy in Santiago (Ambassador Eldad Hayat and Deputy Ambassador Yonatan Bar-El), about a month ago (December 10-13 2018) a workshop was held about a multi-casualty incident in Santiago, the capital of Chile, organized by the Embassy in cooperation with the Director of SAMU in the District of Santiago (SAMU REGION METROPOLITANA – RM), Municipality of LAS CONDES and MDA.

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