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Media Takes Heat Following Non-Stop FAKE NEWS “Collusion” Claims For Two Years

Holding a copy of the New York Times to the camera on Monday, a giddy Steve Doocy of Fox News Channel said the headline about special counsel Robert Mueller’s findings in the Russia investigation “probably killed whoever had to type this.”

Motivated by the typical soul-searching that can accompany the climax of a major story, or simple revenge, the performance of news professionals quickly became an issue following Mueller’s conclusion that he could find no evidence of a conspiracy by President Donald Trump and his campaign team to work with the Russians to influence the 2016 election.

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It’s Back – Maya Wig Blowout!

Maya, a magnificent and customizable mid-length wig, handcrafted from the highest quality virgin European hair.
 Maya’s texture is versatile allowing for multiple styling options.
The Multi directional hand ventilated skin scalp allows for off the face, side bang, or regular bang options.

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WATCH: Rabbi YY Jacobson: “How sad would it be if we lost a whole generation…”

Several weeks ago, Rabbi YY Jacobson addressed an overflowing crowd of nearly 500 people at an EMET Outreach Couple’s event.

Rabbi Jacobson encouraged the audience to support EMET’s mission of “igniting soul after soul, one by one, with affection and dedication.”

One of the largest kiruv organizations in the country, EMET Outreach, has in its 15 year history, helped over 3,000 students.

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WATCH: Baruch Levine Performs “Akiva Nichamtanu” Live

Live performance of “Akiva Nichamtanu” by Baruch Levine. Performed at the “Many Voices one Song” Gindi Maimonides Academy concert Feb 18 2019, Los Angeles California.


Composed and Performed by: Baruch Levine Produced and conducted by: Yochi Briskman

Lyrics By: Ruchie Torgow

Arranged by: Leib Yaakov Rigler

Audio mixed by: Ruli Ezrachi

Video by: Platinum Edit

Special Thanks: Rabbi Aharon Wilk & the Gindi Maimonides Academy

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