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Beit Shemesh Supermarket Bandit in Custody

Police have succeeded in learning the identity of a man suspected of stealing NIS 25,000 from a Beit Shemesh supermarket, placing him under arrest.

Authorities report that on October 22, 2019, police were summoned to a Beit Shemesh supermarket, where a thief walked in and stole NIS 25,000 in cash and fled the scene.

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HORROR IN PAKISTAN: Fire On Moving Train Kills 71 Passengers

A massive fire caused by a cooking gas stove erupted Thursday on a train traveling in Pakistan’s eastern Punjab province, killing at least 71 passengers, officials said.

Flames roared through the train cars as the train approached the town of Liaquatpur in Punjab, they said, the latest tragedy to hit Pakistan’s dilapidated, poorly maintained and mismanaged rail system.

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